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Ash's 400 Gallon Reef

Hi All,

My name is Ashish Patel from Marlboro NJ. I have been in the saltwater fish hobby since I was very young and reefing since 2008. My current tank is a combination of years of my own personal experience and knowing what I will do and what is essential for the species I plan to keep. This system is designed to have no more than 20 minutes per week of maintenance and majority of my time will be observing the tank. Therefore, I have holes drilled in my rock and all SPS will be removable. I have a build in drain under the stand for easy detritus removal, Barebottom, Only adding 2 internal pumps (since cleaning them monthly is essential for me.

Miracle Aquarium 400 Gallons 84"X36"X30" (40" external glass overflow box, armor seams, eurobraced)
Flow: 2 x MP60s, 1 Closed Loop feeding Vectra L1
Sump: 240 gallon Polypropylene tank
Skimmer: Super Reef Octopus
Lighting 3 Radion Gen 5 pro + 4 T5 Lighting supplementation.

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That is a hell of a tank, looking forward to following the build. What are you thinking as a stock list?
That is a hell of a tank, looking forward to following the build. What are you thinking as a stock list?
Thank you. I currently have 3 yellow tangs and just ordered 2 purple tangs, hippo and copperband. I figured these groups of fish should be added at the sametime for aggression and then I will add 2 powder blue tangs later. I wanted to add nice group of Anthias but the prices are insane and a group of nice damsel or chromis.

Mainly it will be 70% SPS and 20% sofites and 10% LPS. Any acro with nice color and growth pattern is what I look for. Few I really want to get are abrotanoides and Spathu, Efflo, Millies and Tenuis are nice branching corals and maybe a Stag in the back.. besides that I prob get like 10 or so frag of nice colored Zoas have them placed beween acros and add some montis on the barebottom, have the large rock on the left front side specially for LPS and softies like acans and favias. I have a tub full of zoas and montis and few nice acros i will eventually move over few things.
Since I am starting the tank with 100% dry rock I know its going to take awhile for the tank to get established so I have maybe 150LB+ of Liverock that is in a rubbermaid tub. I've not heated so i know there so some die off since sponges still need good flow to thrive.


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This is a dream tank. What are the dimensions of the sump.
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Greeting from next door Manalapan. This is a super tank and looking forward to watching this build and grow out. What do you plan on using for trace element supplements? How long do you plan on letting the tank cycle before adding all of those fish and coral?