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August SALES

Got some new FIRE in this month!! Flexible on packages...located in 07860, can also meet in Manhattan. Shipping in NJ only $35!! Free @ 400. Text 929-269-9234 w any inquiries. I would be more than happy to send over more pics and vids!!

Quarter sized OG bounce $500
Huge show piece 12"+ blue carpet $600
HELLFIRE TORCH 2hd $300, 3hd $400
Iron man mushroom $65
24k gold goni $100
Chalice frag $35
Metallic lime goni $45
Orange eye/ grn goni $35
Yellow daisies goni colony $60
Blue eye/red goni $45
Green goni $35
Pink goni (long extension) $75
Purple/grn mouth frogspawn $45
Og frogspawn (tank raised) 3hds $225
Green hammer $35
Holy grail hammer $100
Peach torch $125
Ny Knicks torch $175
Lime tip torch (huge head) $65
Rasta torch $100
Hellfire torch $175
Banana torch $275
Yellow tip/green torch $65
Mega yellow LT plate $200
Rainbow zoas frag $25
Sunny ds 3-4p frag $35
Pink and gold's zoa 8p frag $20
Fruit loops zoa 7p $45
Candy apple red zoa fg $25
Candy apple pinks fg $25
Goblin on fire zoa fg $40
Jawbreaker Hornets zoa fg $45
Lunar eclipse zoa fg $25
Pink zipper zoa fg $25
Blue/yellow trachey $300
Master acantho $750
Rainbow indophyllia $450
Red/blue symphyllia $225
Green symphyllia $175
Yellow/blue symphyllia $175
Orange wall hammer #300
Pink tip elegance $225
Rainbow galaxea frag $20
Gold hammer 2h branching $75