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Brand new Glass Cages tank 143g 60x24x22 and Trigger Systems sump


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I can't believe I'm posting this, but I've decided to not go ahead with setting up this tank. I was looking forward to getting back into reefing, but life happens.

Brand new, built in April 2022.
60 x 24w x 22h (about 143 gallons), custom euro braced, 5/8" glass
Low iron front and sides
Euro brace is 3/8 low iron with concealed water line
Black silicone
Seam guards
Black vinyl on back
Upgraded aquarium pad
Drilled for Synergy Reef Shadow V2 overflow
Brand new overflow is included
Drilled for two 3/4" returns, bulkheads included
Custom stand, built by glasscages, 1.5" steel, 36" tall with 8 leveling feet. It's very substantial.

The tank and stand are beautiful, but with a potential out of state move sometime over the next year or two, it just doesn't make sense for me to go through with this now.


I paid $4650 (plus $900 shipping). Will sell for $3000 cash. You must be able to move and transport it. Tank weighs about 256 pounds and the stand is almost as much. I moved it from my garage into the house with 4 people.

Also available: brand new Trigger Systems Platinum 39 sump. 36x16x15h with 10" wide fleece roller. $750


I'm in Stockon (Hunterdon county, about a 10 minute drive from Flemington, for reference).



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If you are gonna take that big a loss. Set er up! Enjoy it for the year or 2 and sell for a.slightly bigger loss at that point


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My next move will be a significant downsizing.
I expect mine to be too. But regardless of wether the move is to a smaller or bigger house moving a tank is a challenge. I want a bigger tank but likely sticking with my 75g and make the decision when I get to wherever.
If you are gonna take that big a loss. Set er up! Enjoy it for the year or 2 and sell for a.slightly bigger loss at that point
Sounds good from our side of this but then he winds up with breaking all that down and trying to move a big tank of fish and coral or selling them for pennies on the dollar. I love looking at my tank but as a hobby it’s kind of a burden.


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I was really looking forward to using this big sump with the roller mat! It's a nice design, and I think a nice step up from felt socks that I used on my first tank way back. I also have a couple of extra rolls that I can throw in.

I should be around most of day Sat and Sun this weekend, if anyone wants to check out the tank and/or sump in person.


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I'll include this with the sale of the tank and stand:

Brand new never opened Red Sea R42084 72" x 31" Customizable DIY Aquarium Net Cover (was $95 new).