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There have been both good and bad reviews of reefcleaners- I just wanted to share my recent purchase from them- I have 3 tanks- a 13g, a 30g L and a 40B- I had 3 astea, a couple of blue leg hermits and a couple of bumblebee snails in the 13 gal- also a couple of nassarius the have disappeared- I bought a package for a 55gal- to divvy it up between the 3 tanks- the package included shipping and allowed me to add to it without additional charges- I added 6 astrea and 2 ricordia and since my package included hermits I got free hermit shells- the package was for 51 dwarf ceriths, 19 nassarious, 17 Fl ceriths, 14 neriths, 13 assorted hermits and free hermits shells- I added 6 astea and 2 ricordia ( ricordia was either green or blue- I got 2 blue- nice because I already have green ). I didn't think to take pics of the nassarius, Fl ceriths, astrea or nerites- but the count was good, size good and all in good health- all started to eat and roam right away- pics attached


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