Dangerdave reduction sale


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Hey peeps. I’m reducing the size of my system and reconfiguring for the future. I have two tanks of coral that need to go. My full member $10 frag pricing is in full effect (if you’re a paid member). This time though I will sell some small to medium colonies. We can talk colony pricing while your here or via PM. The remaining tanks/stands/lights are spoken for, but will be listjng

All my regular rules apply. I have multiples of all frags listed.

First come first serve.

Pick up only in Little Egg Harbor 08087.

Cash/Venmo/PayPal/Apple Cash.

Frags $10

John deer lepto
Blue/green branching lepto (I think it’s lepto anyway)
Green lepto
JF burning banana
Pink and green monti
Red planet
Jedi mind trick
Monti Spongodes
ORA green birdsnest
Ponape birdsnest
Bubblegum digi
Birds of paradise birdsnest
Blue monti cap
Superman monti
Yellow candy cane
Bright green elkhorn monti

$10 to 40
Assorted mixed paly/zoas (5-25 per plug)
Rainbow acans
Green/yellow Blastos

Small/ medium colonies - varies, we can discuss while you’re here.

ORA green birdsnest
Ponape birds nest
Red monti
Deep red monti
Blue stylo
Superman monti
Rainbow monti
Purple and orange lepto
Green lepto
Burning banana
Green/yellow Blastos
Hollywood stunner chalice
Alien eye chalice
Monti spongodes
Yellow death palys



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Just a quick stock update on frags and colonies, I realized I never had quantities listed, my bad.

Blue/green branching lepto (I think it’s lepto anyway) - 3
Green lepto - 1
JF burning banana - 2
Pink and green monti - 12
John deer lepto - 19
Red planet - 9
Jedi mind trick - 10
Monti Spongodes - 3
ORA green birdsnest - 9
Ponape birdsnest - 4
Bubblegum digi - 4
Birds of paradise birdsnest - 2
Yellow candy cane - 4
Bright green elkhorn monti - 4
Assorted mixed paly/zoas - 30
acans - 4
Green/yellow Blastos - 5
Cotton candy chalice - 1


Fuzzy green birdsnest -5
Ponape birds nest - 2
Red monti - can do big pieces cheap
Deep red monti - can do big pieces cheap
Blue stylo -2
Superman monti -3
Rainbow monti - 1
Purple and orange lepto - 1
Green lepto - 1
Burning banana - 1
Green/yellow Blastos - 2
Hollywood stunner chalice - 2
Alien eye chalice - 1 (big, can cut smaller if needed)
Monti spongodes - 3
Yellow death palys - 4
Pink boobies chalice - 1
War coral chalice - 1
Soft Rainbow birdsnest - 1
Forest Fire Digi- 1

Also have some hardware currently available
MP10 - $250, $450 for 2 (will have 4 more available soon)
Very large bashsea media reactor - $75
Large skims algae reactor - $100
Kessil A80 - $50
Assorted AC & DC pumps - varies