Dragon breath macro


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Hey guys, this macro has filled my sump 3 times in the past 6 Months. I have been selling it on eBay for $40 and locally for $30...I am offering it to members for $20 or $25 shipped. I have been trading it to a few local fish stores who have been selling it for $60 a clump haha. Also I will be at sealevel aquarium June 3 if anyone wants macro or frags. Thanks!

$20 for the size of a baseball


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Buy this guys macro, the stuff I picked up a few weeks back from him is doing great! I added a huge handful of chaeto and his dragons breath the same day and the chaeto died shortly after like usual but this dragons breath is amazing and still going strong. Plus it looks really cool. 20210528_183223.jpg


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Would anyone else like to buy some? I am shipping some orders out tommmorow morning.I have PayPal and Venmo as well now.$25 shipped