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Emergency Sale - Leak Shutting Down NNJ 07481 UPDATED 4/8


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Lost my tank Tuesday due to leak so I’m shutting it down. Pickup is at Town Hall in Wyckoff, NJ 07481. Livestock first then equipment. Will add to this post if/when I can.

***tank was on cruise control for past few years and I haven’t bought anything recently or had time to really research pricing. Scrambling here and rushing through this on no sleep so If something feels off and you can show me similar posts with different pricing we can work it out.

Everything is stressed and I can’t get to the area where the light is so just a few pictures from iPhone with Polyplab filters and blue flashlight.

Tequila Sunrise Monti Cap 5" $50
Jason Fox Tyree Setting Sun Cap 3” (stressed as it was out of the water a bit) $50
Jason Fox Tyree Setting Sun Cap (1”) $20
Breeding mated pair of oscellaris clownfish $50
Cabinet still available $25 OBO
Cabinet dimensions 36L x 19D x 34H

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Wish you were closer....would have taken a few corals
Interested in these corals. Sent you a pm
Red Montipora Cap (with blue polyps) 6” $40
Green Montipora Cap with red polyps $10
Yuma Mushroom (red 2 on rock) $25
Sunny D (Small 5 polyps, stressed) $20
Frogspawn (Single head) $35


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Ecoxotic strips listed. SOME LEDs ARE BURNED OUT


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