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For Sale Thread Rules

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  • All threads will have the following or will be removed.
    • Picture(s) of item(s)
    • Price of item(s) clearly marked
      • Seller may not ask buyer to PayPal as a gift. Any selling fees should be included in the asking price
    • Location
    • Accepted payment method
    • Detailed description of item(s)
  • All items must be aquarium related
  • Auction type sales threads are not permitted
  • Any and all issues between seller and buyer will be handled between themselves without bring the club, moderator(s), BOD, or the club into it.
  • No snipping someone's else post - snipping is commenting on someone else's post with your own items
  • Any sale item(s) posted outside the For Sale section will be removed
  • When item(s) are sold, the moderator(s) will close thread
    • If not all items are sold, the seller must remove/cross out/clearly note which items are no longer for sale
  • No vendors can post items in this section
  • Posting to bump is permitted once a day
  • No posting/commenting intentionally to derail and harm the seller's thread
  • If moderator or BOD member feels that a person is trying to sell products for profit, that user will be asked to become a sponsor and use the sponsor section or be banned from posting items
  • If a user continued to break the rules or cause issues, they will be banned from posting/commenting in the For Sale section
Please remember that the use of this forum is a privilege, the community expects that every member contribute to the primary goal of our Club of furthering education and conservation of the worlds reefs.
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