Frag tank clear out CHEAP PRICES.


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Hello NJRC, alot of you know me on Manhattan reefs and I have been lurking in here for a while and alot of you have already been out to me so figured I would let you know a little more about me.

I have been in the reef keeping hobby for nearly 24 years. My system is a 200 gallons thieving mixed reef. I love the hobby, the people in it and the animals we keep. Responsible sustainable reef keeping and health of the corals I keep is what I am all about. I aquaculture all of the corals you see. I am a certified "PADI Reef Restoration Specialist" and work on the Meso-American reef with a marine biologist almost every year for the past 5 years. We dive and protect corals from a multitude of pressures that these animals see everyday. From warming waters to silt/sedimentation from shipping lanes, to acidification and nitrification of our oceans. It is from this and all my past experiences that I have acquired a keen understanding of what my corals need in order to thrive. I am also a SCUBA PADI Certified Open Water Diver with over 15 years of experience and 300+ dives around the world. Like reef keeping, SCUBA is another passion of mine that I pursue whenever I have the chance. These life long passions and love for the oceans reefs has been ingrained in me for as long as I can remember.


My "claim to fame" is my world renowned/recognized one of a kind CORALCRUZE 24K HOLY GRAIL TORCH. Its well known for the longest tentacle, brightest and most vibrant colors of any holy grail torch out there. There are reasons for this! Some of which I mentioned above. The mother colony has been grown from a single head over a 10 years span and it is still thriving and growing very well in my system. If you are interested in a frag, I do keep a list that is constantly growing so PM me as quickly as possible and request to get on it. There is ONLY ONE place where you can get FIRST generation CC 24K HG and that is ONLY with me.



All listed prices of my current frags are dependent on size. At times I may have multiples of the same in varying sizes that I can price for you if looking for mini-colony size. so please PM me and ask.
I am also happy to take additional pictures of specific frags you are interested in. Again, PM is key!
I am also happy to offer pack deals on any multiple purchase that you make over $100.

Thanks again for your support and interest!
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Pz Godspawn Bounce
Bottom center (large over 2.5" momma) $350


Momma for reference

Raunchy red bounce shroom $175 Sm $225 Med $265 Lg

Frankenstien Bounce $250 WYSIWYG
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JF Captain J E R K Paly. $20 frag

Nirvana $25 frag

Sakura Sunrise $15 frag

Hally Berry chunky frags $35 per frag

Yellow Brick Roads $60 per frag

Nuclear Wasteland Paly $30 frag

Mohawks nice $25 frag

Ultra Rasta $30 frag
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Green Nepthia 6" inches $50 multi branched


Electric Cloves $20-40 as always size dependent but typically multiple heads on every frag.

Sunkist Bounce $70 and up

Napalm Shroom $45

Iron Man Shroom $40 and up

Acan Echinata $60 and up

Chaos Chalice $50 and up
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