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Good morning
I hate to be that guy but the odds of those starfish surviving are very low. They need a lot of established live sand to eat.
They need rocks and micro organisms to eat. I have a
220 full of rocks and sand and my tank has been running for a year and I would believe my tank is too young to keep one alive. The reason why they send you two is because they don’t do good in captivity so it’s impossible for you to keep two star fish a live for a long time.
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I guess we'll know in a couple of days then. Either they will live or they will die - the 29g is a short term solution until I get the larger tank under control. If you are talking about a long term slow death over the course of a year from starvation? They will not remain in the 29 more than 30 or 45 days.

I'll be dosing bacteria daily for them to eat as I read the blues only eat bacteria and nothing else.

Both seem alive and in one piece today. Although the one I removed the snail parasite from hasn't moved much - I wouldn't be surprised if he died as there was a small indentation where the parasite was attached. I've also read that removing this parasite can sometimes cause death. Also, when I removed the shell, there was some blue matter, but it kind of looked like the snail was still on the leg and I didn't want to go any further. I assume one of the many crabs will have at it if the snail is still there without a shell.

The other star found some place to hide under a rock and seems fine there.