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I need a saw

Damn you should’ve told me I would’ve bought it the only thing I currently need right now is a container for my auto top off I think for right now that’s all I’m missing


NJRC Member
I have the gryphon xl, it’s the only one I’ve ever used. It works good but it’s almost more like a toy than a tool.

There’s another brand that has a water hook up and is constantly using fresh water to lubricate the blade. This would be a neat feature. I use travertine tiles, and when you cut you get a bunch of the wet powder shavings on the coral. If you don’t rinse it away, you can get a kalk like burn on the coral. I did this to some frags as I was cutting last weekend. Lost a few, and bleached a section of the same parent colony. Like everything else in my reef that goes wrong, I could have avoided it.