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Holy TIGER GRAIL torch $600
Teal torch 2h $75 (x2)
Green bubble $75 2h cluster $100
Blue face goni colony $225
Metallic green wall XL $250
Metallic orange wall XXL $375
Blue/red master acan frag 5h $45
Rose metallic brain $275
Orange/green rhodactus $25
Favia colony xL green/red $275
Lobo colony orange/blue $175
Symphyllia gold glitter bomb $100
Symphyllia orange $75
Bowerbanki red/yellow 2h $85
Magicians palys 5-7p #40
Candy apple reds palys 3-5p #25
Orange yuma #35
Bouncey orange yuma #100
Holy grail hammer #150
Orange octospawn #75
Neon green XXL 9" plate #250
Rainbow galaxea frag #30
Ultra flower rock nems 2x $40
Violet goni frag $40
Green goni frag $35
Green w orange mouth goni $40
Red goni frag LARGE $100
Green elegance $175
Teal octospawn $50
Orange octospawn $65
Peach octospawn $65
Blood red cynarina $250
Orange plate $100
Red carnation $50
Gold hammer 2hd $100
Rainbow tracheys $225-275
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I will change them over to $ from # if you like since it is confusing. I was wondering the same about the #