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RED SEA REEFER 170 - WHITE and Accessories


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1 YEAR OLD; Set up mid-January, 2020. I'm selling this system because of upgrading to a larger tank. I will need to wait until my new tank comes before taking the tank down, which should be late Feb or early March. Tank is in excellent condition. Includes sump, plumbing and booklets/instructions.

You can read about the Red Sea Reefer 170 here: Red Sea REEFER Rimless Reef Ready Systems for advanced hobbyists (redseafish.com)


OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: All of these were brand new and put in use at the same time the tank was set up (mid-Jan. 2020) except for the Light Fixture which was set up mid-June 2020. Any of these can be sold separately, but only the HOB Refugium and CaribSea Rock is ready to go now; everything else needs to wait until I get the new tank. Most of the accessories were purchased at BRS so you can check prices there. (Don't forget that BRS adds tax and shipping fees).

1) Hang-on-Back Refugium with TWO LED lights. See separate ad here: HOB REFUGIUM w/ 2 LED LIGHTS: AquaFuge 2 Hang-on-Back Refugium (Medium) w/ LED Light System PLUS I.M. AquaGadget Chaeto Max 2-n-1 Refugium LED 18W | NJ Reef Club (njreefers.org) .......$195.00

2) Hamilton 24" Cebu Sun Halide/T5 Fixture: $495 Nice fixture! Put in use mid June 2020. M58 halide ballast (best for Radium bulbs). Has 3 power cords so lights can be put on 3 timers: Two outside T5's plus FAN; Two inner T5's; and Halide.
Includes the following bulbs: Days/hours of use calculated from mid-June 2020, when fixture was purchased new, to mid-March 2021 (when Accessories will be available).
(1) Radium 20K halide: Used for 9 mo, 4.5 hrs/day
(2) Hamilton 10K Ice White T5: NEW (not used)
(1) Hamilton 460 Blue T5: NEW (not used)
(1) ATI Aqua Special Blue T5: NEW (not used)
(1) Hamilton 460 Blue T5: Used 8.5 mo for 8 hr/day
(2) Hamilton 440 True Actinic T5: One Used for 4 mo and One used for 5 months, each for 8 hr/day
(2) ATI Blue Plus T5: Used 9 mo for 11 hrs/day
(1) ATI Coral Plus T5: Used 11 days for 8 hrs/day (Essentially New)

3) Reef Octopus VarioS-2 Controllable DC Pump (792 GPH) .... $145

4) Reef Octopus Skimmer Regal 150-INT.....$375.00
(Sells new at BRS for $452.99+tax+shipping=about $508.00)

5) VorTech MP 10 wQD Quiet Drive pumps. Two available: ....$195 each

6) CaribSea Dry Live Rock 40 lbs. Rock is ready to go now. Used for only 5 months. .... $80
-(Rock in photos is Live Rock, not the CaribSea Dry Rock, and is not for sale).
7) CaribSea "SHAPES" Dry Rock: 4-5 pieces (I need to look thru storage to see if there are 4 or 5 that came in box ....$80

8) BRS LED Refractometer................$25 (Ship for $8.50)
-Like New; Excellent Condition: Used about a dozen times over past 14 months
-Carrying Case
-Calibration Screw Driver
-Adjustable Eyepiece
-Microfiber clothe (never used)
-LED Prism Cover (purchasd 11/25/20)
-Original Lens Cover (Non-LED)
-BRS Salinity Calibration Fluid (approx. 1/2 bottle; opened 1/25/20)

-- "Dr. Jim" --

Tank 1 1.12.21.jpg

Tank 2 1.12.21.jpg

Tank 3 1.12.21.jpg

Tank 4 1.12.21.jpg

Tank 5 1.12.21.jpg
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Just added Skimmer to list. (Edited in first post)

Reef Octopus Skimmer Regal 150-INT.....$375.00 (Sells new at BRS for $452.99+tax+shipping=about $508.00)