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sump placement

So I am thinking about upgrade my tank this year, but I will love to place the sump in my NO insulated garage, so here are some of my problems and solutions I'm thinking.
1. I can add insulation to my garage, but the garage will be colder and hotter than the house.
2. get one of those 4x2x6 tool sheds and insulated as well.
Any ideas or suggestion will be greatly appreciated and if you guys have any experience will like to read about it as well


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At one time I was considering this and then came to my senses....lol
I was going to get a large bin to fit the sump and tape insulation to the outside. Or make something to place sump in.
I didn't do this because its a 1 car garage and my car would not fit.


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Interesting idea about the shed in the garage. It would work well in the winter. It won't work in the summer though unless you want to air condition it. Do you still use the garage for cars? If not I will just make the whole space into a fish room :)
so, after some more research and talking to some folks that had their sump in their garage it looks like a bad idea, tanks started getting some inexplicable issues and things in the garage started rusting as well, so time to stop that idea for now