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Tank birthday and I'm a Geezer

Paul B

NJRC Member
These guys I got for about 25 or 30 bucks. The place south of him about 8 miles charges $90.00 for them.

Hippo tangs are also about $25.00 while other stores in the neighborhood charge $75.00

These guys are between 8 and 14 bucks. When he has them. He is slim on corals. Not much to choose from but the ones he has are cheap.


Paul B

NJRC Member
OK, or drive here from wherever you live :D

I went in my workshop late last night when the lights on the tank were off. My 3 waspfish were all over the place searching for food. No wonder they hardly eat in the day. Now I have to throw some food in there at night.

Paul B

NJRC Member
Last week I mixed up 30 gallons of ASW. I am a little afraid to use NSW right now due to all the rain we had. The last time I used it, I had a produce farm.

A day after I mixed it, it had a weird chemical smell that I never noticed before. (It's Instant Ocean) After a few days, the smell dissipated so I didn't know if I should use it or not. I really don't want to crash the tank over something so silly as a water change. Not that I change so much water.

Anyway, to test it, I put a small torch coral in the new water to see if it croaks or burst into flames. It's been 15 minutes and so far the coral doesn't seem to even know it is in new water so if it looks good in an hour, I will change it. :)

Paul B

NJRC Member
So I have been coughing my brains out for a week and a TV crew is coming here in 4 days so I don't want to look like I am croaking when they are here. Normally I wouldn't care but I wanted to see if a Dr. could give me something to suppress this cough at least for a couple of days. After that I could get Diphtheria, irritable Bowell or appendicitis.

In the meantime, my wife wanted me to go out and get celery keeping in mind that we are in the middle of a blizzard and are supposed to get 8" of snow.
This waSnow.JPGs early this morning when it just started.

I get to the Supermarket and weave between the snow plows to get inside for celery.

The saleslady said to me, You came out on a day like this for celery? I said, yes. I am married. Do you think my Mother would send me out on a day like this for celery?

Anyway today my wife has an appointment for a MRI and the MRI place don't answer the phone so I figured I would drive the 8 miles there to see if they were open. Of course not. Bunch of Sissies. A couple of inches of snow and the world stops.

But next to the MRI place is one of those "Doc in a Box" places. You know where they advertise, no waiting, instant care and all that.

I go in and the place is pretty empty, like 2 people waiting. I go to the "nurse" at the window and ask if this is one of those "immediate care places". She says yes. But there is no doctor here and he may get here in 2 or 3 hours if he comes in at all.

I told her, that isn't exactly the "Immediate" care I am looking for...Bye.

Paul B

NJRC Member
The world is full of Sissies and Snowflakes. In the almost 50 years I worked in Manhattan I never took off because of weather, and in the 70s we used to measure snow by the foot, not inches. I don't remember exactly when so many people lost the ability to do anything even remotely difficult. :confused:

I would be totally embarrassed to take off from work because of snow. After all, it's just sticky rain. :)

Paul B

NJRC Member
The News film crew is coming to my house this Saturday to film my meeting with Kathleen who wrote to me in Vietnam. I am pretty excited to meet her.

Reefsandroos, I lived through the blizzard of 1948.

The city, reassured by a weather forecast of “occasional flurries,” went about its business. The air grew filled with snowflakes that fell all morning, all afternoon & into the night. It totaled an amazing 25.8" in less than 24 hrs., which beat the record of the historic blizzard of 1880! :oops:

Horseplay. It amazes me how soft the younger generations are. I think that is because we no longer have a draft. And even if you join the military, the drill Sergeants are not allowed to hit you, curse at you or in any way hurt your feelings. Men can't even put pictures of pretty girls in their lockers (but they can probably put up a picture of Carl Sagan, Einstein or Goldie Maier. (Google her)

When I was in in 1969-71 the drill Sargents could probably run you over with a tank if they wanted to. Many recruits got pretty hurt and some died. (But that was due to spinal meningitis)

If you are training for combat, you don't want to be trained by a girl scout leader. You want to be turned into someone tough. The enemy probably wasn't trained by little girls.
I hated my drill Sargents, but learned to really appreciate them by the time basic was over.

On another note:

I noticed my DIY skimmer wasn't making many bubbles so I checked it out. Eventually I have to remove the air/ozone inlet tube on the DIY venturi because it gets clogged. Normally I just take off the hose and stick a drill bit in it to clear it.

Of course I removed the hose and the acrylic tube broke. So I had to re drill the thing and glue in another tube. After a few years with ozone, the tubes get brittle. It isn't acrylic, some kind of hard, clear plastic.

So it's back together and if my tank doesn't empty out on the floor by tomorrow, I will know it is a success. :biggrin:
DIY Venturi.JPG

Paul B

NJRC Member
I normally walk around with a toothpick sticking out of my mouth. I quit smoking in Nam where cigarettes were free and started "smoking" toothpicks. My Grand Son, Teddy wants to look like me.



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This is how much snow we had the other day. HOA made us park in overflow lot. Some people received fines for not moving cars. Plus garbage pickup was cancelled. WTH


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Paul B

NJRC Member
I figure I would put this Chalk Bass here because he doesn't come out to the front very often. He normally spends his time writing on the back glass with chalk.

On another note, look at that beautiful growth on my rocks. I love it but most people would get out the tooth brush :p

Chalk Bass.JPG