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Tank, Stand/Hood, and sump with lighting


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I still have this setup and wanted to offer it free to any PAID member of NJReefers.

It's a tank, stand, hood, and sump tank combo. Even comes with lights. This was my old tank that crashed during Hurricane Sandy. It hasn't been set up since then and we moved it to our new house but never fully unwrapped it. The tank itself is a 40 gallon breeder with a 15 gallon high tank in the stand that was used as a sump (no baffles). The tank is drilled on the back with one bulkhead. Included are a 175 watt metal halide, power compacts (remember those?), and moonlights - the fixtures are already mounted in the hood with the ballasts mounted in the stand. This could use some cleanup but would make for a nice budget tank.

I'm located in Florham Park, NJ and would be available Wednesdays, weekends, and some evenings. Definitely can help you load it up but you should probably at least bring an SUV or minivan since the stand/hood is decent sized. Shoot me a PM if interested.

Full 40 gallon pic.jpegInside of Hood.jpegInside of Stand.jpegMetal Halide Ballast.jpegPC ballast and moonlight control.jpeg


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I think I've responded to everyone that's reached out to me so far. If anyone else is interested, please reach out and I can add you to the list. Right now I have this order:


I'll give deepblue until tomorrow evening to respond, then offer it to Rockfish.