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Welcome To NJRC! Take a minute to introduce yourself


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Let's use this thread to introduce ourselves to each other.

Welcome to NJRC!

I'll start it off:

My name is Brian and I was born and raised in the state of NJ. I have been into fish since I really can remember, I had an older brother who had fish..so I naturally got into it. I had freshwater fish since I was about 5 or 6 (mostly guppies and mollies) and then got into Red Belly Piranaha's for about 10 years.Which then got too big for the 30 gallon I was keeping them in, so I put them in a 150 gallon at the pet store I was working in at the time. When I was about 25 my bosses gave me a 44 gallon pentagon SW set up as a bonus (Woo Hoo!) and its been sucking my bank account dry ever since! I think I spent more money trying to get around spending more money..if that makes any sense.

Currently I have a 120 gallon mixed reef with softies LPS and one SPS. The fish I have in there are a Hippo Tang, Flame Angel, Blue/Green Chromis (x4), six line wrasse and a mandarin.I also have a 90 gallon FOWLR that has A Snowflake Moray,Emporer Angel, baby clown trigger and a Dog Face puffer. The 44 gallon is now a freshwater community tank with live plants and mostly live bearing fish (guppies and mollies again, go figure!)

I currently work in the printing industry. I have been printing since High School and have been with my current employer for 8 years. ??? I started here as just a one color pressperson and then moved to 4 color printing and now I am the Production Manager. (or so they tell me!)

Thats all I can think of for now.


That's cool Brian....like I said, I was LUCKY.

I forgot to mention too that I currently own a 75 gallon tank because of weight constraints as I live upstairs in a condo.  I mainly keep SPS because they require less space (vs LPS/softies that extend sweepers at night) plus they're cool.......

Here's a full shot:

and here's a side pic...

What my 55 gallon looked like before I transferred to the 75 gallon I have now:
February 2004
Thanks for the bios. Very interesting. I'm not quite so interesting. I was born and raised in NJ. Got married almost three years ago in South Africa (that was cool). And a few months later we moved into a new condo where I bought my first SW tank. I had already researched the hobby intensly for about 3 years so I was off and running as soon as I got the tank. I've only made a handful of mistakes since then. (Most were impulse buys) Now I'm trying to get a better job so we can afford a house where I can build a larger tank. I'm looking at about 300-500 gallon main tank with other support type tanks.

That's really it for me. I go to meeting when I can, and voice my opinion probably more than I should. You can also find me from time to time at large marine conferences at a booth doing fragging demonstrations/workshops with another website which is all about FRAGging.

See y'all around....


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Another born-n-raised NJ native here. Hubby and I grew up in the same town, met at Smuggler's Notch, VT and got married 3 years later. That was almost 12 years ago! We have two beautiful children who are the light of our lives. I've been running a software consulting company for the last 11 years (Oracle database programming, web development, etc).

We have been looking at (drooling over) saltwater tanks since AquaOceans had those filter systems (who remembers those?!) and the store was a real show room. It had to have been close to 11 or 12 years ago. We had a pond at our last house and kept koi. We moved 2 years ago leaving the pond and fish behind and have wanted fish again ever since. One trip to Trop and we were sold and a 120 was born.

We've had our main (120) since October and we've had the 30 setup since around March. The local reefers have been such a generous, friendly, supportive group of people that I really wanted a way to give back to the people who give so much of themselves, hence my run for presidency. I think we've made great progress towards our status in the last month or so and I know we'll continue to make great strides in improving our offering to our members. It is going to take all of us to move the club forward. Thank you for your continued support and as always, I'm all ears.
OK here is mine, sorry to be so long winded

Well I am a Llama also born and raised mostly in NJ. My family spent a few years in Florida. We have had tanks (freshwater) as long as I can remember. During the earlier years, I got into Cichlids and had as many as 7 tanks going at once ranging from 5-55 gallons. I maintained these tanks for about 10 yrs, then I broke them down, except for one for. Got married, had a son, then divorced.

Anyway about 18 months ago I decided to try saltwater, so I drug out my old 55 and set it up as a FOWLR. To back track slightly, when I lived in Florida they have many Inlet Parks, all you had to do to see many of these fish was look over the bulkheads and they were swimming around the pilings. Especially if you threw some food over. There were also many fisherman on the pier, they would always complain because the puffers would get hooked. Sad to say I saw many puffers just thrown to the side and left to die.

The 55 was sufficient until one night around 1 AM I heard this popping noise then the power shut off. Yup the 55 sprung a leak, I got up shut the power down to that room and moved everything I could into rubbermaid containers. Luckily nothing was lost, however this lead to the 150 being born.

Today the 150 is still FOWLR- I have 3 Heni's, 1 Purple Tang, 1 Yellow, Tomato 1Clown, various wrasses (1 of which is a very naughty Dragon), Marine Betta, and a drawf Lion. All of the above will be moving into my new 180. The 150 will become a reef mainly SPS which is 48X24X30. The lighting for the reef will be 2 250 MH supplemented with VHO. The plan is to drill the back of the 150 (Right Merv), sump size and return undecided. (may need Rich here also). The tank will be BB, however we (Merv and I) are going to use the spray foam as the back drop.

180-Well I just re-enforced my floors where the 180 is going to be and also where the 150 is currently. I have had the 180 for a while, got it for a steal. The process has been slow but at least I can look and an empty tank and imagine. The lighting for the 180 will be 420 watts of VHO. I am having a custom sump built from Rich's Acrylic Wonders, LOL (Hi Rich) and will be using and Iwaki 70 for the return. Tank will be BB.

My son has a 15 gal in his room which houses peppermint shrimp, an emerald crab, yellow damsel, and a rainsford goby (he is cool). Since I am upgrading to a 180 my son also wants an upgrade, so I re-sealed the 55 and it has been holding water with no problem. My son wishes to keep a school of some sort of clown, inverts, anemones, and some LPS's.

The experience here has been great, I have met some wonder people who are so willing to help. Can't wait till I am ready for corals.

Bob aka Ruden aka Llama

Ohh yeah during the day I am a bank manager. Blah Blah this is way more fun.
OK Here I go;

I am also a NJ native. Lived at the shore most of it. I had gotten into fishkeeping from my father who had tanks as long as I can remember. He used to own a pet shop in Clifton when he was younger. He and his partner were the first ones to breed the fancy tailed guppies you see everyewhere today.

I started with a 40 high freshwater ciclid setup when I was about 19. Then at about 22 my LFS had a 150 oak setup for sale that was taken out of a doctor's office. Well, I bought it. It was a lizard setup that the doctor had. I set it up as my first SALTWATER tank, mistake I think. As I did not know enough about SW fishkeeping. I then met my wife and we bought a house together, and moved the 150 there. With a new house and all that goes with it the 150 was too much to keep up with. I went back to my 40 high and set it up as a FOWLR tank. About a year and half ago I decided it was time for the reef. I bought some Colt coral and mushrooms and didn't bother too much with anything else because didn,t have the lighting needs.

Well..... I went out garage sale shopping about two months ago and this nice gentlemen was sell ing a 72g bowfront with stand for $80. My wife looks a me with the " DEFINITELY NOT FACE". So since I respect her opinion I backed the truck up and loaded in my new tank. And now that is were I am at.

72 gallon bowfront, 2-250w 10k venture MH, 110w PC 50-50, BAKPAK2 Skimmer/filter, rio 1100 PH.

About me...
I work at Navy Lakehurst (16 years) as a Construction Planner/Estimator for the Public Works Dept.. I live in Manchester Twsp. with my wife and 2 kids, Vaughn 4, and colin 1.
I am 100% Colombian :)
We moved to the US when i was 6 & lived in tampa florida for a year before moving to NJ, my older brother used to have a 20 gallon fish tank & when he moved out he gave it to me, that was when i was 9, i have kept a fish tank ever since,it was freshwater till 4 years ago when my friend gave me a 55 & i was going to set up another freshwater tank but some thing told me to do saltwater, so i researched as much as i could & just wanted FWLR ,but that all changed when my better 1/2 said WOW those corals are pretty ( as i was searching the internet) & it was like something lit up inside & i said this is what i want to set up, i only wished i would have done it years ago.
i have been working for UPS for 16 years & im looking forward to retierment in about 15 more (but dont want to rush it) LOL.
My tank is a 210 AGA that has matured nice it's a mix of softies,LPS & SPS, i have added water volume to the tank because i coulnt say no to good deals, my last upgrade was a 125 refugium ( i coulnt say no) even though my current 55 had so much life in it i felt a 125 would help out more.
We all know how expensive this hobby is & in the summer time it gets $$$$ trying to keep the tank cool but i dont think i want to come home & find my fish or coral dead so we pay the price(dont we?).
i also have a 50 gallon SPS,LPS only that i set up in january it has been doing good but wish the SPS would grow faster,i like to do a lot of DIY work cuz u can look back & just say cool i made that.
my 50 that i built.


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My name is Erna and yes we really do have 6 kids children. I love them all dearly and now that that is out of the way I can talk about my addiction. ;D

When Doug and I got married 25 + years ago, we were in a tiny 2 room apartment. We went out one night and came home with a 10 gallon aquarium, set it up (gravel, water, filters and lights) and preceded to sit for more that an hour watching an empty aquarium. I was hooked and have had a freshwater tank ever since, (now a 29 galllon).

Then about 2 years ago our neighbor was asking if we wanted to buy a 90 gallon SW setup that had been sitting in his garage for more that a year. We started as FO with dead coral that were included in the purchase. I started taking the pieces of coral out and taking them to the LFS to trade for live rock and one day came home with a coral. I now have a 55 FOWLR and a 20 gal. prop tank and a 55 gallon that I am making into a prop, in addition to my 90 reef. I am truly addicted now and one day hope to get at least a 180.

Wish I had found this place and Reef Central 2 years ago, would have made a lot less mistakes and saved some money.


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Once you're a member you'll be able to put pictures in your gallery. Until then you'll need to load them externally and link to the image with the

If you need further help with it PM me! Looking forward to seeing pics. GH... I haven't seen your bio up there yet!


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Umm.... ;D What I meant was... um... uh... it is too short ::) Just a further testiment to my salinity.
Oh-oh! Our President is slowly creeping over to a hyposalinity state!

WARNING WARNING - add salt, and a lime and tequila! Um I mean oh darn..... 8)
hi my name is jun, live in nj for about 18 yrs.  was born in the phillipines and migrated here in 1988.  got married 5 yrs ago to a wonderfull filipina who always support me to what ever decision i made (good or bad).  as of now, no kids yet but we have 2 female boston terrier which my wife and i treat as kids.  i'm a nurse in a small comunity hospital in pompton plains for 8 yrs. i have a 65g tank which been running for more than year.  we just bought a house in bloomfield a year ago and in the process redoing the basement.  i'm in the planning stage  to do an inwall 180g tank.  i just came from east brunswick this morning to purchase a 100g rubbermaid tub to use as a sump.  so..if anyone have an extra time that can show me a how to incorporate a refugium to my 180g i would appreciate it btw i'm a bad speller
Hello all,
most of you probably don't know me, but I am sure the old timers in the club do. My name is Tracey and I am orginally from Texas. I moved to NJ back in '83. I married my husband in '87 and we have two kids. A few of you know them. It has been a while since getting on the reef boards. Sometimes as there is no time, sometimes, as it is too sad to remember the beautiful tanks I don't have anymore. I started in the SW back in 98 after a made a bit of money in the stock market. It was a passion I had from childhood. All of us have had fresh tanks, but they didn't pull me the way salts do. The color, the life is just sooo much more in salt. After searching online for information about salts, I was lucky to find RC. But I wanted more. I wanted local reefers in my area that I could meet with and talk to. That I could ask help from, or get a frag of a coral they had. I found NY had a club, But it was too difficult to go into NYC for me, with the kids and my work. So in March of 2000, I got a small group of fellow NJ reefers together and NJRC was born. It was a lot of work in the beginning, as I did everything by myself. A couple of years ago, I handed NJRC over to some fellow members to run. And I must say I am please to see all the new faces and some of the old ones as well still going so strong. Jason, the site looks great. You are a good webmaster and thank you for sticking this out. It is a bitter sweet return into a tine I truely miss and I am hopeful to return to one day soon.



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Tracey it is sooooo good to hear from you. I've heard tales of you (and heard some more at Malcolm's teardown yesterday). It is good to see you around. Check in more often, even if just to say hello!

The meeting is up in Stanhope this month. At Nagels. It would be great to see you there next Sunday if you don't have anything else going on already!

Thank you for all the hard work you put into this. We are reaping the benefits of it constantly.
Hi my name is Dan. I'm in my mid thirties. I live in Metuchen (Central NJ). I have two children. Both boys, and both in diapers (19 months and 6 months).

I have a fiesty dog that is a basenji/terrier mix (the vets best guess), but I think he's a dead ringer for a dingo. Found him on petfinder.com and adopted him from the shelter on the way back from a ski trip in vermont.

I've lived in Jersey for the first 12 years of my life, moved to Daytona Beach, FL for 10 years, and then moved back to NJ to go to college in NYC. I'm a Graphic Designer, and I work in Cranford. I'm a big fan of Macintosh computers. I like fishing, surfing, watching movies on my HT setup, and messing around with my fish tanks. I've had fish since I was 10, started off with oscars and guppies.

I currently have a 75 Gallon tank with a 30 gallon sump in my living room. Soon to add another 75 in the basement as bigger sump. I've had a salt water tank for about a year and a half, the first was a 30 long that flooded my living room. I only have a few corals, mostly easy stuff, softies, shrooms ect.

I'll post some pics of my tank once my GHA problem is under control, and my tank is a little more filled out. It's getting better by the month, but not half as nice looking as most of the tanks I see on here. I'm learning alot reading the boards and look forward to winning some more NJRC raffles! ;D