Wild Tenuis placement


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Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone keeps Tenuis Acros in the 200 par range and still get good PE and color?


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This is my frag mid tank under redsea90 using the 15k setting at 60% intensity. Sry if lil cloudy. Dosed redsea ab+


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I think you'll be fine in the 200 par range. might want to give it a few weeks and see how it goes. every coral is different and lighting is different for each tank so its hard to say how a coral with do with just par numbers, everything else plays a factor on PE and colors.


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Would take the par higher but would start low on the tank and work your way up. Wild colonies are going to change colors drastically. They can be hidden gems.


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Granted we have a lot of light in our tank, but we start all our sps on the bottom, give 5em at least a week to get acclimated and then move them accordingly. Wild caught is going to be even more sensitive so I would be patient with it.


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i have mine at the top of my par but didnt start there, i agree with the chain gang here start it low and move up slowly over weeks or even months all depending on how much light you have good luck