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WTB Carpet Anemone

Anyone know of a place in south Jersey selling carpet anemones? Would prefer to buy live as opposed to taking my chances with shipping on the one vendor I saw online that currently has one.

I have given up on actual coral but I have been reasonably successful with Anemones so gonna try to branch out from the bubble tips.

Any tips for success would be appreciated.
Yeah...i have been watching their website. Nothing has popped up in a while. although I am planning on making a trip down there eventually.


NJRC Member
When I'm looking for a nice anemome I look at

Pacific East Aquaculture (Anemone)

and at

Aqua Dreams (their store in in Mass, but they seem to move most of their anemones on eBay)
(Security Measure)

I like them both because they frequently have smaller sized anemones. Aqua Dreams has a gorgeous
$199 3 to 5 inch carpet on the above page.

PEA shows at REEF-a-PALOOZA.