WTB Corlas (Stylo, sticks, zoa/paly).


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Officer Emeritus
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New/old living room tank is up.
Got a few montis and zoas.

Looking for:
purp stylo (lost all mine in crash)
a basic colorful stick or two (slimer, stag, etc)
perhaps a couple shrooms (simple ones, not Ulti-orange Omega Snot Bounce Galactica Fartblasters)
perhaps a couple cool encrusters

I have upwards of $3.17

Still in market for Icecap Gyre as well.


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Hi Mark,
I have green slimer, WWC slimeball, Blue discoma mushroom, Orange ricordia and some other stuff I can chunk off.
Not far from you. PM me if interested. Keep the $3.17. lol.