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XR15 G4 Pro w/ Diffuser and VERY live rock fs(Franklin Park, NJ)


NJRC Member

I have a perfect functioning light for sale.
Comes with a diffuser...never used it. Can ship for an additional $20


NJRC Member
Hey folks, trying to break down this tank, and need to sell this live rock. Have 3 big pieces and a few little chunks. Lots of pods and such in this tank as it was my 'display refugium'.

Two large pieces, and one shelf piece. The shelf piece would be a great showcase piece for someone. There are a few frag plug holes drilled in it.

Anyway, make me an offer, or $4/lb?


There are some kind of zoa or paly polyps on one piece, and there is macro algae stuck to some of it. The sand in the tank is also very live and can be had for free as an add on. Basically...insta-cycle your tank. :)


South Brunswick, NJ