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80gallon Tank Build with Luke

Tank Series - Is the Tunze Macro Reactor really all it's cracked up to be?

Let's take a look at the growth from around 3 weeks ago when I installed the reactor....did it work? HECK...YES.....is it worth it? HECK...YES....especially if you're on a space constraint, definitely check this out!

Tunze 3181 Algae Reactor: https://pafish.me/T3181Reactor

Tank Series - Looking at an annoying pest

Today we're treating for flatworms!! For this round we're going to utilize Salifert's Flatworm Exit and see what we can take care of with this product!

We're out right now on flatworm exit, so make sure to hit the "email me when this item is back in stock" so you get notified as soon as we have more!!

Flatworm Exit: http://pafish.me/FlatwormExit

Tank Series - New Water Movement!

Today we're taking out the vortech for the time being and adding in this Sicce Xstream SDC. It looks like it's going to be a great pump and a great app, but let's dig in and actually find out! :D


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Thank you! I didn't know they had a powerhead that is also using this software. I have the Sicce SDC pump and love the phone app to control it. I am in need of another power hear. Definitely will get their powerhead.