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80gallon Tank Build with Luke

Tank Series - PEW PEW ya filthy flatworms!

Not going over a lot of any products in this video, but wanted to let you guys know what is happening with the system! :D We have a new buddy to our tank, and these guys are going to be a powerhouse in finally eradicating this tank of the dreaded flatworms! Excited to see how this goes! (NOTE: I did get several, but not all are for my system).



NJRC Member
Say Goodbye to those Socks!!

And this could all be yours....for the final price offffffff...... :) Avery could have cared less about my bowl of cereal getting knocked over, he was just loving that he got to eat some, lol.

Make sure to check out the products here:

Klir Filter Roller & Access.: https://pafish.me/KLIR

ReefBrite Live Rock Enhance: https://pafish.me/LiveRockEnhance

Most of us sock users dont wash them every week. we save em up and do 12-16 in a shot