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LFS you shop at

Kirk Frey

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Another bump (and first post). I thought I saw a thread about a couple places "across the street" from each other. Darned if I can find it again. I am just stocking my 240 after a similar 10 year break

diana a

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I was at tropiquarium three weeks ago, Wednesday, Friday and yesterday. The coral areas were low. I never saw coral pests in their tanks. Never had a problem during quarantine. Fishes stock was plentiful, eating and healthy looking. I will say that their staff are very friendly. I have been a customer since 2001

AAC has plenty of corals but be very careful!

Take a ride to Ultimate Coral in Jackson if interested in coral. Tanks are clean and prices are reasonable
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I always grab something when i go to aquarium center in blackwood nj. Between fish and coral there is always plenty and something new. Also as ruth said sea gems is newly opened and ive been going there since theyve been up. Love it there. Very personable and professional.
Ultimate corals in Jackson for majority of Corals, water,shrimp
Major League Exotic Pet Jackson, mushroom coral, fish food, Harlequin Shrimp, emerald crab.
Aquarium Care Center in Ocean for fish, shrimp, snails, corals, brine shrimp, copepods, test kit, water jugs, live rock.
Tropiquarium for fish, corals, base rock, hang on filter, lights, canister filter, filter pads, epoxy, chemicals.
Feng for corals
I have gotten things from Petco and PetSmart as well when not carried by local stores, but I prefer local people or stores.


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Here is where I've been, and my experiences. I hope to learn of some new places.

Tropiaquarium -
Ocean Plaza, 1100 NJ-35, Asbury Park, NJ 07712
- Gone out of business recently... It's too bad, I've bought a lot of stuff here over the last 15 years.

TSM Corals - I-295 Industrial Center 1000 Delsea Drive, Unit G-2 Westville, NJ 08093
By far the best place I've encountered so far. His prices on coral are fair, they will make deals on multiple pieces. He dips and cleans each coral. His fish prices are a little high, but he quarantines all of the fish for 3-4 weeks for disease and doesn't sell them until they are eating.

Ocean Aquarium - 6820 Black Horse Pike Egg Harbor Township, NJ
- The people here are great, they are very nice and helpful. Small coral selection though. I wish he carried more, I would definitely buy more from these guys.

88 Petworld
- 2076 NJ-88, Brick, NJ 08724
- Small selection, but nice people and good customer service. I haven't purchased here yet, but I would.

Aquarium Care Center - 1105 State Route 35 Ocean, NJ
I've purchased a bunch of coral and some misc items from him. Not always good service, revolving prices, owner makes you feel like he's doing you a favor. (I can go on with examples, but I won't in the public forum) It's been worse since trop closed. If you go here, try and work with the taller of the two young guys who work here. He is very helpful, and has really good customer service. I won't buy anything unless it's the kid helping me or there is a HUGE sale. Wifey and I went there last weekend with money in our pocket to burn, we left with it.

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Something Fishy
511 East 21st Street
Northampton, PA 18067

Aquatic Obsessions
1150 St George Ave
Avenel, NJ 07001