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NJRC frag sale


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Dropped you a text :)

Galaxia palys
Yellow death palys
Luminary palys
Grandis palys
Birds of paradise bnest
Blue policipora
Burnin banana stylocoeniella
Yellow digi
Green stag w/gold polyps


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Now that's a deal :D
I've been to dave's twice and really it doesn't get any better when it comes to frags. I'll tell you what, bring some EXTRA cash because he has goodies on the side that aren't $10, but well worth what he is asking. Just bring extra cause you either you will see more frags then you planned on buying or you want to have or he will have colonies, torches or something else this guy is hiding away, and btw that is MUCH cheaper than (insert LFS name here). Dave is a good guy do not hesitate.