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Omgnotyouagain Red Sea Reefer 450

Bandito Aquatics

Jr. Spnsor
Here’s a small look into what I’ve been doing so far and the list that I’ve compiled.


- Custom Screen Mesh Top

- 3x Ai Primes

- Automatic Feeder (Feeding Elos SV)

- 2x Maxspect XF-150 Gyre

- Magnetic Frag Rock


- Rosy Scale Fairy Wrasse

- Yellow Tang

- Hippo Tang

- Golden Midas Blenny

- Scott's Fairy Wrasse

- Orange Band Wrasse

- 2x Frostbite Clowns

- Maroon Clown

- Harlequin Shrimp

- Cleaner Shrimp

- Peppermint Shrimp

- Tuxedo Urchin

- Sixty Snails Assorted

since the move every is been scattered on the bottom of the tank

**I am thinking of catching the rosy scale wrasse and transferring her to Friends tank she is bigger then my yellow tang. **


- Unknown heater will hook up with Ink bird temperature controller

- 2x media cups, both running filter floss for 1 month till removal also running some activated carbon

- Jabao 12000 DC Return Pump

- SWC Extreme 180 Cone

Replacement Components
- O rings
- Bulkheads
- return tubbing ( went with silicone cause of thr flexibility)


Bandito Aquatics

Jr. Spnsor
hey guys so the rank is clear its Sunday and it’s my day off so I decided to share some pictures. I just took with my polyp lab lens and my iPhone X.

goni I picked up off a staten Island reefer by the name of mark sold guy. E793C768-C136-4801-B0A7-6BCD5BCD6B12.jpeg
next we have my clown just watching to see if make a move on his hammer. 9B658C16-2AAD-4EF9-8059-30E77ED12203.jpegMy favorite Blastos I actually lost a few in the move it happens 753CB789-64B7-4C07-AF44-AF3297B6F499.jpeg
At the bottom we have my Scoly859E0F99-AC29-4179-9914-F29E698A2F0D.jpeg
A torch I got from Wilson
7DB0B3DC-4C4D-4104-9C26-7B84F40438E8.jpegMy Duncan on of my first corals.9E39A845-3FB1-49A4-8289-79A532C4D976.jpeg
Torch is massive about the size of a softball
Cleaner shrimp part of the Og clean up crewC1CDF165-FD04-4711-834E-94110F91AE45.jpeg
The last photo was taking with a different lens I’m testing out a a few theories with coral photos without editing them. Well thanks for looking guys

all would not be well if I didn’t give you some meh news because not everything is perfect. Today as I was arranging my cables, I disconnected my gyre pump and all the other cables. But when I plugged the gyre back in, it was dead. No power to the controller granted it’s an older model I’m just bummed but I figured I’ll up the power on one and increase the flow on the return by one to compensate for the loss in flow.


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Bandito Aquatics

Jr. Spnsor
I purchased it as a black widow from a gentleman in Manhattan Reef to be honest I’m not 100% sure if it really is that but I do like how it looks