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Tank birthday and I'm a Geezer

Paul B

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So yesterday my wife tells me we have to go to a dermatologist for a skin check. She is very worried about skin for some reason like many people here worry about ich.

So we go for this skin thing and the both of us go into this room together and are sitting there looking at the bad art on the wall. Then this tall blonde comes in and asks us to take our clothes off. I am thinking, Wow, this is getting interesting, but then she left with her clothes on.

My wife and I are sitting in the silly paper gowns that I doubt were designed by Tommy Hilfiger and in comes Doogie Howser. No really! this guy looked just like Doogie Howser and seem to be about 12.

A "Nurse" or assistant also came in. Not the tall blonde but she was very nice and seemed sterile with the goggles, gown, gloves and all that. I figured maybe she was going to check our skin on the inside maybe through an orifice or something. :oops:

So my wife gets on the chair which raises her to this Doctors eye level which was about 3' from the floor and it flattens her out. He has a flashlight and is looking very closely at every pore. He may have been searching for velvet or uronema but didn't find any so his assistant put away the Coppersafe she was holding.

He did find something and said he was going to freeze it off so he shot it with this can of spray paint.

The rest of her was fine so they leave and tell me to get on the table.
When they come back I am sleeping but his assistant wakes me and says, It's my turn. I find this stupid as my skin is perfect and I should go on "Perfect Skin Monthly" magazine.

So Dugie uses the flashlight on me and on the back of my arm finds this freckle that I am sure I was born with and says "OMG" this is a pre melanoma goma se yam. He needs to remove it and send it out for DNA or some other stupid test. Of course he does so he rips the thing off and gives it to his assistant who takes it in her double gloves hands with a face shield and Hazmat suit and puts it in a jar that she probably used to make her own frozen food for her lipstick tang.

Now Doogie continues to search my body and in the background I can hear that song, Your Body is a Wonderland".

He starts looking in my eyes. Then he gets closer to where his nose is right next to mine. I didn't know if I was supposed to kiss this guy or name my kids after him. He moves back and says again: "OMG" this looks like another thing I need to remove. I said, it is in my lower eyelid, just leave the thing along and go feed your fish.

He says, absolutely not, this needs to be removed. Now he takes this needle and pulls back my lower eyelid by holding my very long eyelashes.
"DON'T BLINK"! Yeah right, like that is gonna happen. He says are you allergic to anything? I said, Yes, "any kind of sharp thing near my eye".

The assistant laughed but it was an evil laugh. Then he plunged this horrible thing into my eyelid and removed the freckle which I am sure everybody has but no one goes to Doogie to remove. Now I have to wait for the results of the biopsy but before he let us leave he gave me a bottle of Prizapro with instructions to pour this into my eye 3 times a day and once every time I peer into my fish tank at night with a flashlight. :confused:

I really hate to get my skin checked because now, at home, I have to wash off all these checks. :oops:
Majano Wands? Yes but I don't make them. I gave the company away years ago and I get royalties. I still own the patent though. The thing is still selling very well. Who knew there were that many majanoes in the world. I think maybe people are using them in the ocean. :)
Do you see this picture?

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Good for you paul!!...and yes I see this pic....Very nice as normal!!

Paul B

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I found this post that I posted 10 years ago:

Speaking about being resourceful and being able to make money, I just thought of something appropriate. A couple of years ago my wife and I went to Sicily. My Grandparents were born in this tiny fishing village there. Anyway we toured the entire island and the town my family comes from is not a tourist spot so it is hard to get to. We tried for 3 days to get someone to drive us there and translate as I only know a couple of words in Italian (one of them is Dean Martin)

There was just nobody who was willing to drive us there and like 50% of the people are standing around because there is no work there. Everyone is dressed like they are going to the Oscars, but they have no job so we figured it would be easy to find someone willing to make one or two hundred Euro's. Eventually we found this beautiful 18 year old college girl who said she would take us. She showed up in a 9 person van with a driver. The town was 2 hours away and gas cost about as much as olive oil there.

The morning she picked us up we were the only ones in that van and we went to the town. All the time she had her cell phone at her ear and she was smoking a cigarette. We get to the town and she takes us into this ruin. We thought it was a ruin but it was the town hall. It must have been from the early Roman Empire, but beautiful. She tells the ancient lady there our name and immediately the woman says, Aah Baldassano and opens to the page of this 100lb book that looked like it was from a Harry Potter movie.

She gives us this address and we head off to look for my Grandfather's house.

On the way through the tiny cobblestone roads (actually donkey paths) she stops to ask this guy directions. They are talking back and forth and occasionally she would ask me something and translate to this guy.

Then the man says something in perfect English. I said, wait a minute, you speak English? He says, Yes, I spent 40 years in Bayone New Jersey.

I don't know, maybe it's me :oops: : So he directs us to my Grand Father's house and on the way we hear these old ladies in dark hallways whispering, Baldassano, Americana. We finally arrive at the house and it was in surprisingly good condition for something built probably 200 years ago. It looked like the Flintstone house, made of large stones overlooking the seaport filled with wooden boats.

If my Grand Father came back today, he would fit right in as that town has not aged since Columbus jet skied there.

When we got back to Palermo where we started I noticed that that girl still had that phone on her ear and she never stopped smoking. I paid her and wanted to give her a tip but all I had was a Fifty Euro and I wanted to give her forty. I asked her for change of a fifty. She looked in her pockets, bag, glove compartment and asked the driver if he had any money. Now she smoked about $30.00 worth of cigarettes and used probably another $50.00 in phone minutes along with at least $150.00 in gas.

Her boots were probably $400.00 along with the rest of her very expensive outfit, but she didn't have a nickel, or whatever the Italian equivalent is. She was with us for maybe 9 hours. So I went into the 4 star hotel we were staying in. I walked up to Gina Lollobrigida behind the counter and asked for change. She asked the girl next to her. Sofia Lauren, who reached under the counter and produced a coffee can. The can had some paper clips, bobby pins, pretzels and some lint. This was a four star hotel in the largest city in Sicily. Again, maybe it's me. :confused:

Then I told the girl who guided us that she could make a lot of money driving people to see their ancestors as most of the people in our hotel wanted to hire someone. She looked at me like I had two heads, the thought of making easy money, or any money was so foreign to her. It went right over her head. I don't know who paid for all those cigarettes, cell phones, gas, boots and dynamite clothes. I must be doing something wrong. :unsure:

diana a

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Palermo!!! You was there just before I got married….1990. Went with my parents and spent 2 months there. It was a trip to get to from Rome. My aunt had a washer, dryer and dishwasher but it was never used….only for display. Sole Maré was very 1200 AD. No technology updates. The beaches are very rocky there. The food store is soooo small.

Paul B

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The-CodFather...I didn't do it.

Diana, I don't like Palermo. It's Manhattan with no yellow lines in the street so it's like bumper cars. Ridiculous place.

My entire family came from Sciacca. Have you gone there? It's 2 hours due south of Palermo. Nothing but fish, mostly anchovies. :)

Paul B

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Maybe it's me and I know I am old but we were out with some friends a few nights ago and one of his kids just got married. Very nice right?

OK so he paid for their wedding. I know thats a big thing, pay for the kids wedding and I don't find problems with that. I personally wouldn't take money from my parents if I wanted to get married and I didn't when I got married and I had a huge wedding but thats just me.

Anyway. He said he was trying to buy this kid a house but he is having trouble because he bought his other kid a house.
The guy is a working man and not Elon Musk.

I would be so embarrassed if I let my parents buy me a house or car. Like how stupid and lazy are you that you let your parents, who probably worked hard all their life spend their retirement money on you? And I had the opportunity to get a free car when I got out of the army. I refused.

I would go and bury my head in my worm tank and never be seen in public but I know thats how kids live today.

I posted this a few times (probably to many times but I am senile and have PTSD so forgive me) My Dad died when I was 10 and although it was a tragedy, especially for my Mom who was taking care of two boys and had a new mortgage so I went out and made money.

My Dad taught me right. If I wanted some money as a little kid, maybe a nickle, he would give it to me, but I had to shine his shoes which were covered in fish scales because he owned a fish market, or I had to wash our car which was a 1947 Pontiac with no paint on it.

Then I would go to the candy store and maybe buy 5 pieces of bubble gum. And no one was going to take that gum from me, because I worked for it. :)

At 12 years old I got a job in a junk yard cutting apart cars with an acetylene torch and it was all uphill from there. I found that making money is so easy because there is money all over the place. The world is full of money and it is easy to get (legally) Don't rob banks or break into Nancy Pelosi's house or anything. (yes I hope her husband recovers soon and without much pain because I have nothing against him)

But getting back to money. I feel we have to teach kids early. My own Grand Kids are totally spoiled but I am not raising them.
Our Daughter I think was raised right as she paid for her wedding, car and house. I am extremely proud of her for that and she knows it.

To me, independence is the most important thing we can teach the new generation. WE feel that Life, is hard like some people feel reef tanks are hard.
They are not, we make it hard..Unless we are not healthy of course.

I realize not everyone is handy and many people can't fix cars do plumbing or electrical work but there are so many things kids can do. One of the things I did was paint houses. Any Jiboni can paint and if you can't, call the school you went to and get your money back. It takes absolutely no talent just a passion for neatness.

Pull out weeds, remove brush or small trees, detail cars, wash windows, get rid of trash, powerwash house exteriors, wash garage doors, drive elderly people to a doctor (yes, wait for them to get out so you can drive them home)

These are all simple things but if you ask virtually 99.9% of kids today, all those things are to hard and besides, their parents support them.
After working all day I would almost always have some sort of side job and I had to go to school two nights a week.

I would fix cars or as I said, paint, clean, etc. On Friday nights I cleaned a sea food market for ten bucks. I would make maybe $15.00 or $20.00 bucks a night and remember that was 1965 when the minimum wage was about $1.25 an hour.

I almost made more money working after work, than I made on my job when I was an apprentice. I guess kids today can't use a few hundred bucks a week. :oops:

To make any money at these things you have to be very neat, very nice and go the extra mile. When I used to fix cars, If I had time, I would wash the car and de grease the engine, maybe pick the customer up from the train.

Just by doing this, I had so many customers that I had to severely limit my working. Today if I needed it, I can easily make at least one or two hundred bucks every afternoon.
But I guess it's just me because I am old, not lazy and have a different perception of life. I believe in hard work and to take pride in what I do. I don't want anything for nothing and won't even buy a lottery ticket. I feel if you are to lazy to make money, starve. Thats the way it was for 30 million years and it worked well.

Thats our Pontiac behind me and my first girlfriend. I was always a Ladies Man. :biggrin:


Paul B

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I don't find fish any sicker today than I did 40 years ago. To me, whatever disease we perceive them to come in with is just something that all fish in the sea have and the store or wholesaler has to use some sort of medication so they can sell that fish. I get that and I would do the same thing or there would be no salt water fish hobby.

Those medications will hide whatever disease those fish have so they can sell the fish and without them, no fish would make it through the collection, holding and shipping process. This is a necessary evil we must deal with for this hobby to continue.

Remember the parasites we see are on the outside of the fish, but the medication is going all through the organs of the fish and it's circulatory system. What do you think would happen to us if we drank copper, Prizapro or Hydrogen peroxide?

Those medications, no matter what they are will suppress the fishes immunity and the longer the fish is subjected to that, the worse it will be for the fish, and ultimately us the consumers.

Due to this, some fish will die shortly after we get them. That is because the gut bacteria is beyond the fishes ability to resurrect them.

The fish can't do it on their own. The only place gut bacteria can come from is the food. If we take that fish from an LFS and put it in a bare tank and feed something like flakes and pellets, it may be doomed depending on how long it was in medication as there is no gut bacteria in those foods.

Now if we again put it in more medication, the fish has no choice but to come down with one of the other diseases we see all the time on these forums. We can't treat those afflictions with medication because the fish is suffering from the very medications we are now using.

It's like George Washington. As he lay dying on Dec 14th 1799 at 67 years old his physician proceeded to use the trusted treatment of the time. They bled him and removed five pints of blood effectively killing him. (I know that is political. I am sorry)

We are doing the same thing with our fish.
It would be better if we took that fish from the wholesaler and immediately fed it with something with living bacteria like live worms. The fish will immediately start to re build it's gut bacteria and it's immunity to fight whatever it's ailments are as the fish already has immunity to it. It is just weakened by the medication because the existing immunity won't work without the bacteria and the fishes immune system will recognize the disease as soon as the bacteria develop.

Of curse the fish may die during this process because it doesn't happen overnight. But I do know that medication will make it worse.
Just my opinion of course and what do I know? :p

Paul B

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I just took a video. There are about 30 fish in there but most are small and thy like to hide especially when I open the top.