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Tank breakdown.. Moving to Phoenix!

Alright people.. Looks like my wife and I are Phoenix bound in August, so I’d like to offload everything I have by the end of July except for some equipment for my next tank. Apex, Radion, ATO, checker collection should be all I need.

Can text 410-920-5972
Pick up in Nutley, NJ

Since I went missing a couple of months ago, if you are someone that messaged me back then and I didn’t reply, you are entitled to a free frag or two

Some near travel plans for potential meet-ups.
I will be home all day tomorrow 6/19
Going to beach in Sandy hook Monday 6/20 morning ~10ish
Will be traveling to MD on Friday evening 6/24

As usual, livestock needs to be gone before I can break the tank down.

40 Breeder Tank/Stand/Sump/Return only $200
Tank with DIY overflow box
Stand to fit up to a 29g sump, open back and side panels come off
Canopy for lights to sit on top
Jebao DCP4000 return
Also have a little cabinet I made that can house electrical equipment and a bench with cubicles.

~30-50 lbs of rock vary in age from 4-8years Free with tank purchase or free once corals are gone…

Jebao SLW 20 $50 each
Aquatic life hybrid 36” with bulbs (6 months old) $150
2 Hydra 32HD, no mount. $250 each
Tunze Osmulator 3155 $120

RSM130D 34 gallo AIO tank with media basket (Still deciding to sell or if a family wants it.. if sold than $100
Return pump
~25lb rock

Extra equipment/Supply Ready for pick up
EB832 only $200
Orphek OR3 120
2 Blue $120 each
1 Daylight $120
Take the three for SOLD
Icecap KI Nano skimmer $50 SOLD
BRS dosers x3 $20 each SOLD
KamoerX1 dosers x2 $30 each- SOLD
1 gallon slim w/ dose line attachment x2 $5 each SOLD X1
TOM aqualifter $20
BRS DIY 36” T5 with 3 bulbs $50
Black box LED $20
LED grow light (Thing’s a beast) SOLD
Simplicity 1600DC $50
Jabao DCP4000 $50
~50% BRS Kalk $10
Carbocalcium 1L New $15
Potassium Nitrate 4lbs $10
5G soda lime ~80% $60
Two little fishes 150 reactor x2 $20 each (tubing varies..) SOLD
Dr. Tims 450mL Pearls almost full $10 SOLD
Odd PVC stuff, Chemiclean, bulkheads, bubblebox, fans, free or whatever you want to give me haha
Same applies to any odd thing you see not mentioned. First come first served for these.

Fish (Might be able to get the clowns without removing rocks but that wrasse will be an issue until I get the rocks)
Clown A/B: Snowflake female with regular ocellaris. Pair for $40 SOLD
Clown C: Wyoming white $40
Clown D: Reg Ocellaris $10
Six line Wrasse $20

CC 21 Tails Torch
A: Double $300 - SOLD
B: Double $300 SOLD
C: Double $300
D: Splitting 1->3 $350
E: Double $300 SOLD
Green torch (Bought at Green silvertip torch)
A: single splitting 1->2/3? $150
B: single $80 SOLD
C: single $80 SOLD
D: double $150
Left over SPS (Green/blue and a Blueberry yum colony) free to happy home - SOLD
Green hammer (Gh) $10/head have some single and doubles and one larger 10ish that can be parted if needed- ALL SOLD
Teal Hammer (Th) $20 - SOLD
Green wall hammer SOLD
Purple tip/green hammer (Pgh) x1 3heads $30 SOLD
Purple tip frogspawn (Frog)
3head $25
5+head $50 SOLD
Yellow Frogspawn (Yellow Frog) 2head $100 - SOLD
Forest Fire rhodactis: 3-10 per frag for $5/mushroom
Golden Gonzo: Same deal 1-5 per frag at 5/mushroom
Duncans $15 each
Rainbow Infusion Zoa $20 a frag
Purple Monsters $20 a frag
Blondies $20 a frag
JF Acid Reflux $10/polyp
Watermelon $15/frag
Green Bay packers $15/frag
Fruity pebbles $15/frag
Circled Rock with fruity pebble/rainbow incinerators $150
RBTA x3 $25 each - SOLD
Yumas SOLD
Mangroves (4-6 leaves) $10 each

Anything left over you might see at a LFS in a few weeks for more $$$

Pic 4.jpg
Full tank shots20220618_215527.jpg20220618_215546.jpgPic 5.jpg20220618_104916 (1).jpgPic 1.jpg20220617_175536.jpg20220618_105043 (1).jpg20220618_105053 (1).jpg20220618_105020.jpg20220618_105026.jpgpic 3.jpg
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