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Welcome Premium Aquatics!


Officer Emeritus
Officer Emeritus
Everyone, please welcome our newest Gold Sponsor - Premium Aquatics.

I'm sure most of you have already heard of them and we've even been doing group buys with them for years now... but now they are an official sponsor of NJ Reefers! They made a very nice donation of an Apex Jr. system and a $25 Gift Certificate that we will have as raffles at the Frag Swap. :cool:

You will soon be greeted by saamath (Josh) who will be the main representative for PA. He'll be able to answer any of your questions, etc. but I'm sure he would also appreciate a big hello from you all too.

If you don't already know, you can visit their website at www.premiumaquatics.com


NJRC Member
Welcome as an official sponsor, it has always been great to super with you on the group buys, great bunch.
We don't do standing discounts, because we sponsor over 50 forums annually, and we operate at a very slim margin so we can offer you the best pricing . If we offered a flat discount to all of them, we'd never make our margin and we'd likely last about a year...

We just finished the 15% site-wide sale, so the next one should be coming for Black Friday... This is also a good time of year for MAP manufacturers to drop their prices, so some of the typical "exclusions" will see sales too.
Just ordered a new skimmer, bulbs, heater and added a ATO today to one of the orders. Great customer service and prices. Very happy to do business with them.