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What would be a fair trade for an ASD Dragon Soul?


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Good morning everyone. On the last ASD live sale, I was the one who snagged the multi-head dragon soul torch. Not that I am going to frag this the day it goes in my tank but I am planning on fragging this soon in hopes of trading for a different type of torch to expand the variety of my future state Euphyllia garden . Just wondering, what would be a fair trade when I do? I am not one to be hung up on the designer name corals but I do believe in value for value. Would love some thoughts (and maybe an offers for a few months out). (Pardon the lousy picture..had to take it from the ASD sales receipt because they took down the higher quality picture before I could save it)

Anyways..happy reefing!!! And for you non-members..think about joining up. This is an awesome forum...consider supporting it.


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In my opinion fair trade value is whatever you deem the coral to be if you’re looking for another torch then I would state that in any trade post you make. I’m sure that people are going to offer you something nice for it


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I have some euphyllia that I’d be willing to trade (I usually only trade these, I hate BS prices they’re going for these days). I’ll send you a pm.