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Where to find clean chaeto


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What is unclean chaeto mean? And yes it’s unreal for nutrient export. Too good actually


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The last time I bought Chaeto (I admit it was a while back) I put it into some fresh water and let it sit overnight outside at a much lower that tropical temperature. The Cheato actually survived unharmed, and I don't think any of the critters one doesn't want with it survived the extreme environment.


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I have a big ball of chaeto growing in a separate tank with literally no coral or fish in it.

I used to run a refugium but felt it was eating my nutrients way too fast. I would gladly give baseball sized piece if anyone needs it.

Located in Howell.


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Algae Barn has clean chaeto - here is the link. Edit: my bad, they are currently out of stock but I've purchased from them in the past and will do so for my new tank.
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I am following up on this, does anyone have clean Chaeto I can pickup near Clark today? 07066. Need to build a pod hotel ASAP
I’m in Denville if you want to come up later. Of course once again I just threw out a big clump but I have enough to give you a sandwich bag worth since you’re in need.