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Juano's 75 Gallons "The Re-Build"

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What happened the first time why is it the RE-build
My current set up is very limited due to my stand and sump (20L).. plus my DT is not RR or drilled......
I'm going to switch to a 75gal RR with a 40B sump and a bigger and taller stand.....I've been trying to do the switch since a long time ago but for one or another reason that haven't been possible.

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Sounds great you will really like allllll the room the 40breeder has to offer good luck on your new build


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good luck with the Re-build man. the extra water volume will be great.
Ok, here are some pics of the stand...frame is made out of 2x4 and skimmed with 3/4 Oak....one of my friends did it for me and Ive painted it

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Beautiful! Love the doors on the sides. Great work
I still have to build the canopy and my friend is packed with work so I'll have to make it myself.....this is what I'm planning to do so it match the stand.

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