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Tank birthday and I'm a Geezer

Paul B

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Today my knee isn't working and I had to many cortizone shots already as it is coming out of my ears. I need another new knee but I can't get one because I can't be laid up that long so I am nursing it as much as I can.

Of course I put that heating salve stuff all over it as everyone does even though we all know that doesn't do anything except make you smell like a forest.
So to save money, I now just hang those little "Christmas Tree" car fresheners all around my knee in the hope that it fools my knee to just do what it is supposed to do. :biggrin:

Christmas tree.jpg
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Paul B

NJRC Member
That reminds me of a story. One morning many years ago We were building a 60 story office building in Manhattan and we were having a big job meeting with all the main people. Owners, foreman's etc. (I was the electrician foreman) The plumbing foreman was this huge man, 6' 4", with a beard, Harley, tattoos and everything else that made him a formidable human being.

Some little snowflake at the meeting got up to complain that the diesel trucks coming into the 1st floor of the New construction job was making diesel fumes throughout the building.

So this big Plumbing foreman stood up holding one of those Christmas tree air fresheners and said.
"Maybe we should just hang there all around the job for the fumes" :p