Tank birthday and I'm a Geezer

Paul B

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It was very foggy for my beach walk this morning.

Foggy steps.jpeg

I made it to the steps but couldn't even tell where the sea began and the sand ended.

I walked and walked and did find, as usual a stranded horseshoe crab with his tail sticking straight up.

I didn't take a picture because I waste so much film on those guys and I figured he was dead because of the flies and the horde of seagulls standing around him.

I gently kicked him and to my amazement the thing was still alive. In the millions of years these things have been alive you would think that just once they would look down at their legs and realize they don't have feet and those points at the ends of their legs don't work for walking on land so they need to stay in the water. It is not really my job every morning to save them ;Meh

I gingerly put him back in the water where he waved his tail at me and kind of made it into deeper water where he will probably get eaten by a walrus.

A short while later I found a full can, really a plastic container of freshly shucked clams. Now I am sure I am feeding my fish the correct thing because thats exactly what they eat in the sea. ;Happy

There was even an almost brand new stainless steel scissors next to it which of course I took as most fish don't have thumbs to use them anyhow.

I walked and walked and I was soaked because it was so foggy.

Foggy beach.jpeg

But the best thing is to follow and will blow the minds off of scientists world over.

I kept going and it was getting foggier and foggier. I could barely make out the stairs at the end of my journey.

I plodded through,closer and closer and when I could barely make out the steps.

I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.


Could it be!!!!!!


Right in front of me, a few steps away I saw it.

The Loch Ness Unicorn



Paul B

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This morning after a day yesterday of 4 1/2 hours on the phone with my internet provider and my TV manufacturer Samsung I got "most" of my devices working. One Alexa is still argueing with me but I think she is coming around because she told me to come back later. :rolleyes:

I had a little internet problem so they told me I needed a new router. I got one and the guy said "Just plug it in and it will work and you will be good to go"

Of course that is totally something my algae bleeny would tell me as electronics never work like that.

I won't go into it but it took 4 1/2 hours for them to get most of my devices to work.

I remember when I was a kid in the 50s, we had one TV. It was black and white and made out of wood. That is the same things we made trees out of.

You plugged it in and it worked . No passwords, no router, WAS or SSI or WASSI, networks, passwords, EPMI or EDMI Edanomi, whatever they are cables, no internet,
WiFi, signal strength, FPS ?, roaming etc.

Just a plug into the wall, maybe adjust the rabbit ears and grab a beer, or for me an apple juice as I didn't drink beer in the 50s.

Of course we only had 6 stations and all of them would go off at about 10PM. :confused: But they were all free no matter how long you watched.

We didn't care because we were playing outside no matter what the weather was.

Today we have 5,000 stations and it cost us over $300.00 a month for it and there is still nothing on we want to see. :rolleyes:

I went on my morning walk about 6:00 and met quite a few of my friends. This little guy almost comes up to me now and soon I will maybe bring him some leftover linguine and clams as a snack. I think that is rabbits favorite food.


I also saw 8 deer and one of them I think is starting to like me, or at least not run away so fast as he feels he can out crawl this Geezer.
Morning (2).jpg

Paul B

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Before the sun went down it was very hot so I got this huge, 7' beach umbrella to put on the back of my boat for shade. I think everyone was jealous.

As the show was in full swing I blasted "God Bless America" from my boat speakers as did some other boats and the small floating "barge" restaurant at the marina.

After that all the boats blew their horns to wake up all the horseshoe crabs sleeping under docks. (The crabs hate that) :angry:

The boats were decorated in Christmas lights or just colored lights and it was a great night.

Of course we are old and had to leave right after the show to go to sleep. :disgust:

Not long ago we would have stayed there all night. But if you are lucky, you Whippersnappers will get there.

My photo hosting service is down now so make believe below this are pictures of me in my boat with Angelina Jolie along with 27 other people dancing and doing cartwheels while fireworks are exploding in a display larger than the start of the Chinese Olympics on the opening day and Circ de Solei are hanging over the boat on trapezes hung from hot air balloons carrying bald eagles singing the National Anthem to the sound of Harp music. :biggrin:

Paul B

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This was a normal day as every day after you retire is cause for celebration and a party. :p

This morning like most mornings I walked on the beach to watch the sunrise.
Always beautiful
Beach walk.jpeg

I never walked this way before because this beach if a few hundred yards west of where I live so it was new to me and of course at 6:00am I almost never see anyone.

I live on top of bluffs where the beach is way below and we all have "beach stairs" to get down to the beach. Some of them are pretty cool but may be a little scary.

Good beach stsairs.jpeg


;beach stairs 1.jpeg

But being it is not always a great idea building something on a sandy cliff, some of them don't last to long. This one is only the top 20' so you have to roll down the bottom 100'

beach stairs 2.JPG

This one is a little precarious and if you are a Girly Man, maybe you shouldn't climb them :unsure:
Beach stairs 3.jpeg

I think the premise of this one is after you climb up this 15' platform you can then get cell service to call an Uber and they can lower a rope from the top or hire a helocopter. :cool:

Beach platform.jpeg

Paul B

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orange moon.jpeg

Check out the "moon" at sunrise. I thought it was the sun until I saw on the news that the moon was orange from fires in Texas thousands of miles away.

Paul B

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Thanks. My book made another $500.00 which I will donate to the National MS Society in my wife's name. I will post the receipt from them when I get it which may be 2 months. :biggrin:

Paul B

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This morning on my beach walk I saw something I have never seen there before. No, Not Angelina Jolie.
Two deer.

We have deer all over the place and I counted 12 of them on my way to the beach, but I didn't think they could get down this loose sand hill that has 176 stairs on it. (The deer are not allowed to go down the stairs)

There are two of them here. They were down on the beach when I got down there, maybe looking for clams or amphipods which they may have seen me doing a few times. :cautious:

That hill is so steep that even ants have a hard time getting up there, but when I got closer, they went up as if they were on the escalator in Macys 34th street store at Christmas time. :biggrin:

Deer on hill.jpeg