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Hi, I'm Chris- crispy one :cool: ( too much sun- along with a fast younger youth) Semi retired now-Owned a landscape design and construction business for over 35 years ( no lawn maintenance )- now I do light landscaping for a select few clients. I'm also a travel agent for a' cruise only ' travel agency- not much happening there these days. I had a 110 gal tank that I 'retired' around 30 years ago- my attempts to make it a reef tank failed. After cataract surgery last January and surviving covid which I got from either the dr or his office waiting room I had a lot of time on my hands, but not much energy. Research online told me that it is possible to have a reef tank on a budget so I went and bought a 13 gal AIO Fluval- it's now almost 9 months old ( with some upgrades ). I resurrected a 30 gal hex- a frustrating challenging project. And through the generosity of a member and about to do a 30 gal long build-I will post pics- it will be a budget friendly project- we'll see how that goes
Hey everyone,

Name is Steve. Born and raised in Burlington County (Mt Holly) currently in Atlantic County (Hammonton). Always have been interested in marine life, recently (September 2020) started a nano reef with the Fluval Flex 32.5 Saltwater edition. Made a bunch of mods on it to better suite marine life. Came to njreefers.org just to join in on some discussions, maybe ask some questions, maybe answer some questions about nano reefs, whatever. Just stopping in to say hi as I saw the introduction post.


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Hey everybody, Im Justin. I was a member back in 2009 when I was in highschool. Im back to reefing having picked up a lot of knowledge on youtube from BRStv. Amazing the advancements in reef tech since then. I've started with a 20g desktop tank. Looking forward to being part of the community again.


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Hi Everyone. I’m Fel from Lumberton NJ. I got into aquariums 5 years ago (thanks to the wife and my toddler at the time). Within a year and half, i upgraded the freshwater tank from a 55-gallon to a 75-gallon, and started a saltwater tank (55 gallon). Since I couldn’t say no to a good deal, I upgraded to a 125-gallon SW tank in October 2020, then corals started about a month ago. Still very new to reefing so just here to learn, ask questions and get all the help I need.