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    Fluval Sea and Marine 3.0 LED

    Didn't move on any new lights, just been keeping the frags under the light I have. If u got something shallow I think you'd be ok.
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    Cyano or diatoms??

    I would use the red slime treatment and do a water change. Maybe repeat in a week or so.
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    Anyone a notary public?

    Looking for a notary public in bergen county....or if you know one that can help me out.
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    Anyone using well water..any problems?

    Agreed, pics would be great to help understand this. And thank you, this well water thing is a pretty different animal
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    Suction Cups

    What about those nylon carrying straps that go underneath? Idk about you but I'd be really skeptical relying on a suction cup to move a tank.
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    Anyone using well water..any problems?

    Appreciate the input. Thank you!
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    Anyone using well water..any problems?

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone, especially from Northern Jersey is using well water and what effects, if any, they have? Considering moving to an area that only runs off well water and trying to get an idea of what to expect. Thanks in advance
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    Fluval Sea and Marine 3.0 LED

    I appreciate that. I'll check it out!!
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    Fluval Sea and Marine 3.0 LED

    I have 1 over a 125 fowlr and it's sufficient for that although the coverage is not complete as the fixture is 4' and the tank 6'...but that fowlr is slowly starting to take on frags from my overstocked 29 mixed reef. So I felt that I needed to increase the lightning a little. And as much as I...
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    Fluval Sea and Marine 3.0 LED

    Looking for the 48" fixture...
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    Neon green candy canes

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    Neon green candy canes

    Got some frags of neon green candy canes. Several available from 2 to 8 or so heads. Looking to trade for other softies, LPS or zoas.
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    What could this be.

    Funny you bring up stray voltage...was having hell of a time keeping anything alive in my 125. Last April I stuck my hand in the tank and got a shock...put the voltmeter in and was getting anywhere between 25 and 40 volts depending on what was turned on. And get this, one of the biggest...
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    Live Rock, Yellow Tang (4inches) and a Clown, Dumont NJ 07628

    Hey still got the yellow tang?
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    Am I Going in the right direction.???

    Hey thanks for the feedback....lights have been on, so like you said that would explain the algae. SG is coming up....doing it slowly by taking some water out, making it saltier and then adding it back in. Thanks for the feedback!!!