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Tank birthday and I'm a Geezer

Paulie 069

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Always enjoy your rants usually informative and always funny, never fails to make me smile n chuckle,, much lov my friend
By way which one are you

Paul B

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I just found this by accident. It's about a small firefight in Viet Nam. I don't normally watch these clips but I saw that it was the same unit I was in, "The First Cav" and it was the same place I was at and the same time.
I am surprised they had a camera man there as I never saw one. None of these guys look familiar to me either.


Paul B

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I am putting this on my thread because I am to old to argue and I know no one will read it.

Fish Health
I just don't get it and I know I never will. This hobby seems so simple but many of us, for some reason make it hard. I know I am in the vast minority but there is so much fish diseases on these forums that if I was a fish, I would make believe I croaked so I would be flushed and swim back to the sea. :cool:

"We" are making our fish sick. Not the LFS or the guy in the canoe who collected them. It is us.
The fish come to us in almost perfect condition with most of their immunity intact, then we insist on quarantining and God Forbid medicating them. That is how we are killing them.

I keep saying it and very few people listen so i am now saying it to myself and no one should listen. THE STOMACH BACTERIA OF A FISH TOTALLY 99% CONTROLS IT'S IMMUNE SYSTEM.
I can't see why that is such a hard concept. Copper kills stomach bacteria and parasites, "maybe" viruses but I am guessing. So we are soaking the fish, including it's internal organs in a poison that may not kill the fish outright but will kill it's immune system. Why does that make sense? A fish without it's immune system will get sick. :sick:

When we go to a doctor does he "soak" us in medication. My doctor doesn't.
Look at almost any disease or quarantine thread. The fish starts off fine, then develops Uronoma. I don't even know what that is as my fish have never had it and I have been keeping fish since Eisenhower was President. He didn't keep fish but had a dog named Heidi.
Internal worms, another one. I have never had a fish with those either, or velvet. " In fifty years". Why not? Like Duh. It's because I don't quarantine or medicate, two things that cause these things.

OK maybe they don't "cause" them. Fish already have those diseases when we get them, but they are supposed to have them. It's what fish do. That is why they have an immune system.
Yes, if we keep a very new or sterile tank or feed nothing but flakes and pellets the fish will also become sick. I am not sure why people are surprised when their fish get sick if they don't feed them correctly. No "quality" pellets won't do it either.
(They won't hurt but the fish needs living bacteria and dry foods won't have it)

Forget parameters, parameters won't make your fish sick unless you are keeping them in lemonade with the wrong pH instead of seawater.
All we have to do, is keep a natural tank, with real hiding places like a fish would find in the sea. NOT PVC FITTINGS. Use those for plumbing or maybe pipefish. :giggle:

A fishes immune system also depends on the fish feeling secure. If you can see the fish, it can see you and unless you are Angelina Jolie, the fish don't want to see you.
A fishes immune system also depends on the correct food. We can live on potato chips and beer, fish can't. Their immune system will not work with out the correct food ours will.

"Quality" flake food will not do it. Flakes are baked. Did you ever see a fish go out to get a loaf of baked bread?
In the sea they eat fresh, whole fish. Almost all fish eat fresh, whole fish, preferably live.
The live fish they eat has in their stomach everything that little prey fish ate. Parasites and all.
That prey fish also has a liver which is about 15% of it's weight and that liver is all oil. Fish need that.

We can't get small, living food, I get that. But we can easily get, for practically free, live white worms. Live worms have gut bacteria and for some reason, those stupid little worms that live in dirt have stomach bacteria that will let our fish keep their immunity. Why? I have no Idea as I don't speak worm, but trust me, I'm old and have been doing this longer than any living human being that is not to senile.
I found out about the worms in 1972, that was last century when fish were invented.
Fresh or frozen clams are also a fantastic food and should be a staple. They come in LRS food but I would still feed a few times a week live worms.

They also live five days in salt water. I don't know why.
I realize people don't believe me so i will set up a cot next to my tank and people can come here and sleep next to my tank to determine if there are any diseases. You can even come here with your sick fish and throw them in my tank just for kicks.
Try that with a quarantined tank. o_O