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Tank birthday and I'm a Geezer

Paul B

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So last week we went with the Kids and Grand Kids to the private Island of Mustique.


Mustique Island - Mustique

Mustique, steeped in history and surrounded by intrigue lies in the of islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines, a hundred miles west of Barbados.

mustique island - AOL Image Search Results
This is the third time we have been there and we absolutely love the place. We rented house and the staff with the chef. The place has 3 pools and like all the Island homes it is very big and entirely open, even the bathrooms but you are up on a mountain so the only ones who can see you showering are the fish. Almost no glass in the place, just open spaces.

It is on the equator so it is always warm.
To get there you fly to Saint Lucia then take this 16 seater puddle jumper.



The pilot gets outside the plane to turn the props to get the thing started. :oops: It roars to life just as you have to takeyour hands inside the window right next to the propeller.

As it rises into the air and we reach cruising altitude aprox, 12' above the highest sailboat mast

I watch the "mainland" disappear.

So during the 10 minute flight I look at the little card in the seat back that shows the safety equipment. The first thing I read on the card is this.

So I keep looking at the engine to see if I see any of those things. :oops:

As I read on further I notice the "Safety" equipment.
The safety equipment is a tent and a fork.....No...Really!!! A tent and a fork. This flight is 100% over water.

Then we approach this huge landing strip which I thought was for helicopters.

We get off the plane and walk to the Gate. It reads "Gate One" in big letters. Of course there is no gate two, three or anything else.


The customs office is about as big as my bathroom and quite hot. The nice lady checks us out to make sure we don't have any lizzards, broccoli, or anything else questionable.

On our short trip to the house. (The Island is only 2 miles long) we see the turtle sculpture that I remembered from our last visit and it is in the center of the Island.

I have nothing to do with what they are doing, it's a sculpture.

Then we finally arrive at our private house and meet the staff.


These are the two smaller pools. They light up different colors at night.



Here is a video of the house we stayed in.

Oceanus - Mustique

Going to the dentist now. Finish later. :)

diana a

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Do the bedrooms have AC?

I went to the dentist yesterday...hate going...I stress and my BP goes sky high

Paul B

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Yes only the bedrooms have AC. The rest of the place doesn't even have walls so no AC there.

I had to get an implant, I have 10 of them. :biggrin:

diana a

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Yes only the bedrooms have AC. The rest of the place doesn't even have walls so no AC there.

I had to get an implant, I have 10 of them. :biggrin:
I know you're not a sissy but I am. You would have to knock me out to survive that otherwise I'd have a heart attack. I'd prefer to be in labor than to go to the dentist.

Paul B

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I have never been in labor but spent more time in a dentists chair than most people here have been in the hobby. It doesn't bother me at all but my dentist also has supermodels working there as assistants, or dental hygienists so I am at ease because a supermodel would never hurt me. :oops:

Greta has nothing to do with this, but I had to put her picture here. :D


Paul B

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Right now I am going for an MRI, then to the pool. Yesterday we spent on our boat with 2 other couples. After the MRI we will hang out by the pool until I have to cook.

Tonight we are having four couples over for dinner so I made clam chowder and will also make linguine and clams with some grilled MahiMahi and if I can find American squid I will stuff those. :D

I am a very clammy person but this is what the guests requested. :giggle:

Paul B

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I tried to save a Supermodel today. I was driving home from my boat and about a mile from my house on a main road I see this car on the side with the hood up. Next to it on the phone was this Supermodel. Me being a conscientious, helpful citizen immediately made a U Turn (on two wheels) and went back to her to see if I could help. :rolleyes:

She knew immediately what the problem was. The idler pulley broke forcing the serpentine belt to fall off over heating the car. Very few women that I know would know what that was. It is not something that you can jury rig right away on the side of the road because the pulley itself broke and needed to be replaced.

I offered to go to the auto supply to get her a new pulley but she said her uncle, a mechanic was on his way.

She said she was there for five minutes and I was the fifth guy to stop. While I was talking to her, two other cars stopped to help.

But like I said, she was Supermodel. In my defense, I would have stopped for anyone. Well almost. If it was Nancy Pelosi, she would still be there. :confused:
Seeing as how my post was dumped over on R2R, Paul, how did you know the person you were trying to help was in fact a female? we want details!

Paul B

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  • Jul 6, 2015 (Yes this was an old post. What can I say? I ran out of things to say)
I don't have the nicest tank on here.
I don't have the nicest of a lot of things, but I don't care because they are nice enough for me.
I don't have the most difficult corals on here, but it is not my purpose to have that.
I don't have the most interesting fish on here, but they are interesting enough for me.
I have no ideas what my parameters are. I assume my corals know and they seem fine.
I don't have any controllers or dosers. Don't want any.
I don't have any test kits. If I want something tested, I take It to a LFS. They like doing that.
I don't have the largest tank on here. It's a perfect size for me.
My lights are way underpowered. I don't care and so far, neither do the corals.
I don't have a sump. I would, but they were not invented in the 70s
I don't use any reactors, GFO, GAC, ABC, Doh Ray Me, or bio pellets.
I don't use Rowafas.
Don't have a DSB, SSB, or BB.
I don't use Purple Up, Marine Snow or almost anything else and I don't want to.
I have to many fish, they don't seem to mind the crowd.
I have to many Pod eaters, they send out for Pizza.
I am jealous of some tanks on here, but I will get over it.
I don't have the most hair and I am far from the best looking on here. My wife likes me.
I don't change much water, but I assume I change enough.
I have plenty of iron and stainless steel in my tank. Is that scary to anyone?
I sometimes feed my fish Plaster of Paris with some minerals mixed in. Am I bad?
I used copper for years in my tank and never changed the rocks or gravel.
I have never dated a Supermodel but I did date some beautiful girls. Also some plainer ones with nice personalities.
I use dolomite for the substrate, ever heard of that?
My wiring is probably some of the sloppiest on here. And I am an electrician.
I am impressed by some of the skill on here with spawning hard fish.
I am impressed by creativity, but not by degrees unless they are on a thermometer.
Right now I am embarrassed to say I have a fever, which is a Sissy disease and I may have to revoke my Man card. Fevers are so yesterday and Sissy Mary like. Maybe I am hallucinating which is why I wrote this useless thread.
I am finished, and I am old, There is no purpose to this post that I know of. :cool:

Its a hobby, enjoy it for yourself, no one else

Paul B

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Early this morning I went for a walk on the beach behind my house. It was dead low tide so perfect for amphipod hunting.

Of course I didn't realize it was going to be low tide so I didn't bring anything to hold amphipods in and I hate to put them in my shorts. They wiggle to much. :oops:

Morning beach.JPG

I walked and walked and couldn't find one thing to collect pods in. Eventually I came across 2 plastic bottles. Of course the opening is to small because I normally lift an algae covered rock which are covered in amphipods and swish them in a bucket of salt water but I didn't bring one.

I needed to cut one of the bottles in half to make a scoop and all I had was the beach key. I used that and after a while and just before I cut my hand off trying to do this I made a hole in the bottle. I was able to rip the bottle in half pretty straight.


That bottle I used for a scoop so when I lifted a small rock, the depression was full of amphipods that scurry out of sight in about 3 seconds so I have to be fast. I lift the rock and immediately stick in the "scoop" and collect maybe a dozen amphipods under each rock out of the dozens of them there.Then I dump that into the whole bottle. When the bottle gets full of water I let it settle so the pods go to the bottom and I add more water laden amphipods. I have been doing this all my life and I am a little smarter than the creatures so I came away with a couple of hundred pods.

They are now in my tank intermingling with the ones I collected last week, except of course for the slow ones which are fish food.

Paul B

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Last night was a bad night. Yesterday the neighbors and us noticed that no one has seen our next door neighbor in a couple of days and she was always out walking her little rescue dog, Angus.

The dog was in the house barking and the car was in the garage. She didn't answer her phone all day and by looking in the windows, we couldn't see her.

I even climbed onto her raised back porch and looked under the blinds.
We called the police but she wasn't missing long enough for them to break in, but they came and tried to locate her. I slid a card in the door and opened the latch but the deadbolt was on so we broke the window on the front door.

Our fears came true and we found her dead. She was about 60. We will miss her.
We located her sister on Facebook and she was called.