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Tank birthday and I'm a Geezer

Paul B

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Unfortunately being "old" brings on some health issues. Not as bad as my wife but I have been having some back pain lately, like most people and I figured it was from my extensive habit of bungee jumping, back flipping and ball room dancing almost every morning before breakfast and sometimes after lunch.

But for the last 2 years the upper back pain extended to my shoulders. I originally thought it was from my 7 shoulder surgeries and that probably didn't help. :(

I have been going for acupuncture and pain Management shots mainly because both my acupuncturist and pain Mgt Dr. are Supermodels but after a while, even a Supermodel can't help. Not to much anyway but I still like to go.

The MRIs show that my back looks like it came from a blue leg hermit crab but the X Rays show it more like an arrow crab. :oops:

I stand pretty straight but my spine has a big curve to it which made the Neurologist think they made a mistake and took a picture of a boomerang.

About 8 disks are to degenerated to do anything about and are all bone on bone. It is what it is and will always be painful and I will get stiffer as time goes on (like all old people) and my fish don't seem to care at all even though I hung my X Ray in front of their tank.

(I have been taking short baths in Prizapro)

He said it can't be fixed unless he cuts out almost all my disks and installs rods which will make me walk like an Emu looking up in the sky for bald eagles ( or even eagles with hair) which is not the look I was going for so I will keep my old back as I probably can't get a new one.

Of course my main concern is my Bride of almost 50 years because I do almost everything for her and putting her walker in my car is getting quite hard. But manageable.

The Neurologist told us it is from my job as a Commercial construction electrician because that is not a Girly job as most of the equipment was a thousand pounds and wanted to be mounted on the ceiling. :oops:

Unloading all that from tractor trailers for half a century probably was not the best thing so I imagine those Neanderthals bringing down a Woolly Mammoth must have kept Pain Mgt. Doctors pretty busy and it was probably even harder then to get an appointment then.

diana a

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Sorry to read you have this too. My dad has the same problem. No surgery for him. He will be 90 in Sept

Paul B

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Last week we didn't see our neighbor and after a day we heard her dog barking so we broke the window and found that she had died about a day and a half before. Anyway I posted about that elsewhere but Sunday, her Brother N Law was cleaning out her house and got stuck in the elevator.

I had a small hydraulic elevator installed outside my condo unit here when I moved in because my wife has MS and can't do stairs. After I did mine, 3 neighbors followed and had them installed.

They are small and really are handicapped, residential elevators and only make 3 stops.

The elderly Lady next to that house heard the guy banging on the door and ran to get me. (They run to get me if they find a snapping turtle on the road, tree down, homeless person, missing person, broken shower, broken sprinkler, broken air conditioner, dead deer, clogged toilet near the pool, space craft, Boeing 747, Nancy Pelosi etc.) :oops:

So I go there and talk to the guy through the door and Sunday was a record heat day at about 97 degrees and these elevators are outside the building.
(His cell phone didn't work inside the car and we get lousy service here being on the sea on a hilltop)

I opened the elevator door above him and got on top of the car. Then I removed the light fixture so I could hand him a screwdriver and explained to him how to take apart the electronic door lock inside the door.

After about 40 minutes he was free.

The problem was with the locking mechanism. The stainless steel pin inside the lock that you push up in an emergency unscrewed itself and fell into the mechanism making it impossible to open the door. I am sure the fire department could open it but that would have cost $5,000.00 to repair.

So today I am installing outside my elevator a big gong with a rotating strobe light connected to the Panic button inside the car. I will also try to make the phone inside the cars work and I re designed that lock so it can't happen again. (In my elevator anyway and I will see if I have time to do the other two.)

Paul B

NJRC Member
I just finished installing a big bell outside my elevator.

If I didn't free him he may have died and besides that, i didn't want to see the Fire Dept destroy the building as that would be the only way to get the guy out.

No matter how hard I try to hide, people find me.
A few weeks ago I see this older guy walking up to my house with one of those "grabber" things that allows you to reach food on high shelves. It was a 2 dollar piece of junk from the dollar store. Before he could get to me I said, just buy another one, I will give you the two bucks.

He once wanted me to give him some anchors to hang a coat hook he found in the dumpster. I asked him if he had a drill and he said, "he didn't know". If you don't know if you have a drill I guess you don't need the anchors.

I love "helping" people and I do it almost every day, but there is a limit. ;)

I really love it when people ask me to " Just show" them how to put brakes on their Car, replace their electrical service, raise the dormer on their house or install an artificial heart in their pet chowawa.


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ok so i know and experienced 11 of those things in the pictures.....am i old????? SHIETTTTT!!!!!! damnit. now im going to go buy a porsche to feel young !! oh wait, I have a baby now..ok no porsche....maybe just an RC car


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ok so i know and experienced 11 of those things in the pictures.....am i old????? SHIETTTTT!!!!!! damnit. now im going to go buy a porsche to feel young !! oh wait, I have a baby now..ok no porsche....maybe just an RC car
You need to wait like I did. Why bought a Mustang 2 years ago. If prices weren't so high I would trade it for a C8.
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