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    Question about pictures posted of corals

    It's pretty simple - vendors post those coral pics under blue in order to get the crazy vivid colors that drive sales. The fluorescence shows more under blues than white lights. And in some situations, those colors can easily be reproduced in your tank as long as you have a blue period on your...
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    40B coral recommendations

    Lobos, trachys, and scolys can be nice and do fine on the substrate.
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    Blue tang $25

    You have to spend $149 with them to qualify for that offer though, right? Ocean's Garden (which is their sister company) runs similar deals often on clams - you can get one pretty cheap, but normally need some sort of qualifying purchase.
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    Hidden reef dangggg

    Just got back from Sea Level. Scored a sweet deal on a blue dot jawfish for $100 as he was trying to move it. But I was also impressed that he has tank-raised yasha gobies for $60 - didn't even know that tank-raised was a thing for that fish. He has some nice watchman goby/pistol shrimp pairs...
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    The "What's the damn thing doing today" thread

    I was over at Sea Level earlier today and he has a whole bunch of them in stock right now. This thread inspired me to buy a couple of them to throw in my frag tanks. If mine do anything cool, I'll post some pics.
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    One of the things that a lot of people like about the Ecotechs (MP10/MP40) is that no wires go into the tank. The only thing in the tank is the wetside which can be replaced. Having said that, they are definitely expensive. You can try finding one used with the MP40s getting down into the $225...
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    Nerf leagues? Superguns? What?

    Yes, thank you for bringing to my attention something that I didn't know I needed...
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    New stuff

    Glad to hear you got the watchman and goby pairing you were looking for. One of the cooler interactions to see in an aquarium. Be careful about which wrasse you choose though - some can be a serious pain in the ass and will harass the crap out of your other fish.
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    Nerf leagues? Superguns? What?

    Gotta link for this? Gonna need to look into one...
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    Dangerous problem

    Don't have an Apex Jr. to offer, but I have an Apex Classic or Apex EL if anyone's interested. Send me a PM.
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    Hidden reef dangggg

    SeaLevel has really upped its coral game in the last 9-12 months. Prior to that, selection was kind of small. Warren has everything (and a ton of it!) now. Euphyllias are a little on the high side, but he's got a great (and reasonably priced) acan selection and a ton of SPS with some deals to be...
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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to you too Paulie! Hope you're hanging in there and doing OK. Stay healthy and safe!
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    Skunks Breeding

    Really cool! Thanks for sharing.
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    Zoa and Bryopsis

    Got it. I guess if it's caught early enough and just on one frag, a peroxide dip and scraping might be preferable to treating the whole tank. I just know that I've had it in the whole tank before and then it's a serious PITA and no clean up crew (or fish) touches it. Then Reeflux is the only...
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    Zoa and Bryopsis

    What's not 100% clear in that thread is whether that guy needed to go with fluconazole (Reeflux) in the end anyway. It would be interesting to see what the final outcome is since a bunch of the comments were basically "You can get a lot of it off initially by peroxide and scrubbing, and if that...