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    WE’RE HIRING! Full and part time positions available! Servicing all aspects of customers aquariums. Candidates must be knowledgeable in: The care of live fish, corals, and invertebrates. The use of maintenance equipment regarding aquariums. Water chemistry. Diseases and maladies of livestock...
  2. Narwhalwall

    Trading jebao wavemaker for coral (08757)

    So I ordered some tank supplies online and wound up with an extra jebao SCP90 wavemaker. Rather than sending it straight to eBay, I thought I’d try to trade it first. Never been opened, cost of a new one online is typically $90 (not including shipping). Would be looking to trade it for frag(s)...
  3. Aquarium Care Center

    POWER HOUR WEEKEND - Take 10% Off ALL Existing Deals

  4. Aquarium Care Center

    All Online Colonies -- 20% OFF

    Green Hammer Colony - $200 $160 Rainbow Lobophyllia - $150 $120 Collider Favia Colony - $150 $120 Palladium Favia Colony - $150 $120 Rainbow Lobophyllia - $150 $120 Yellow Daisy Goniopora Colony - $99 $79.20 Bleeding Apply Scolymia - $250 $200 Watermelon Bowerbankii - $250...
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  6. Primeinquisitor

    Getting out of Hobby Sale- Everything MUST Go!

    Hi All, After 7 years in the hobby, I have decided to leave reefing (due to a little one on the way) and will be selling all of my stuff! Everything is happy and healthy and the tank is free of pests, I just won't have time to take care of it in the coming months. For starters I will be selling...
  7. Primeinquisitor

    Getting out of Hobby Sale- Everything MUST Go!

    Sold...mods please close
  8. F

    2019 CT Frag Farmer' s Market - Storrs CT, 3/2/19

    Its back!!! I am putting together the 2019 edition of the New England Frag Farmer's Market to be hosted at E.O. Smith High School in Storrs CT on March 2nd, 2019 from 11am till 5pm. The event started as a chance for me and my students to host a frag swap at the school, promote aquaculture in the...
  9. hcker99

    Ultimate Corals After Halloween Blowout (Lots of pics)

    Halloween is over but there are plenty of sweet goodies in this update. Send us a MSG to place an order or with any questions. 1. $250 2. $850 LARGE 3. $60 4. $20 5. $150 6. $100 7. $100 8. $20 9. $60 10. $80 11. $30 12. $30 13. $80 14. $30 15. $30...
  10. N

    WTB rock flower anemone and bubble tips

    looking to buy a bubble tip anemone that isn’t green have too much green and some rock flower anemones also no greens message I’m in Bergen county nothing too large looking for smaller stuff! Text me 973-900-0939
  11. N

    Looking to buy some xenia (bergen county)

    anyone in the Bergen County area selling a decent size xenia piece 2x2 - 3x3 size for cheap or can frag off a piece they dont need :) in bergen county something local would be ideal
  12. Relic Turtle

    Looking for easy growing corals

    Hello I think I only need a couple last species of coral and my tank will grow into an amazing reef. I am looking for a easy growing branch coral to go into a high flow corner of tank. I also am looking for a brain coral preferably to go into two areas of tank.the far left there is a rock behind...
  13. Relic Turtle

    Any tips for Meteor cyphastria coral growth

    Hello i had gotten one from the reefapalooza and i in the first week caused it to sun burn. Fast forward to now it is really doing well but the colors have been affected. I am wondering wat are the best practices for this coral from experiences. If any one has kept this and can clue me in on any...
  14. BangedUp

    Bayer killing corals

    has anyone else had an issue with Bayer dipping killing shrimp, it’s the only explanation I have for losing a shrimp. I checked the internet and YouTube and it seems I’m not the only one. I’m just going to go back to coral rx and reef primer myself .
  15. ReeferRay

    RAY'S REEF sps (i hope) thread a work in progress

    hey all, I'v bin in to keeping reef tanks for last 15 years. this is my biggest tank to date. A SCA 50gal. cube with sump and bio media. The tank went online on 4/20/16 My Equipment: Reef octopus 110 Jabo 1200 return 2 150 two little fish reactors (Cal, GFO) tunze ato 1 MP 40 qd 1 jacod 125...
  16. Jeremy Brito

    The Cost of coral.. Are we paying to much?

    Hey guys i want to talk about a slightly touchy topic, that some of you might have saw me discussing in another post. So not to off track the other post i figured id bring the discussion to here were it can be talked about and debated with out taking away from what the previous posts main...