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Amazing, Astounding, Awesome April Event!!!

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Who doesn't love alliteration?

I am pleased to announce our April Speaker Event!! This is a save the date thread but also where we will be updating and adding information because there is more fun and surprises in store.

When: April 21st 2012
Where: Manasquan NJ Elks Club (Same place as last year)
17 Stockton Lake Boulevard Manasquan, NJ 08736
Whom: John Coppolino a.k.a copps will headline the event.


John Coppolino's innate passion for fish was nurtured growing up on an island on a lake in
Northern New Jersey with a fish loving father and a mother allergic to everything with fur and

A saltwater hobbyist since age 11, John began working at a large regional aquarium store as
soon as he obtained working papers in high school, and in college went on to study reef fish in
Bermuda and the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador where he lived (and met his wife!) for about
two years after obtaining his B.S. in biology.

John now lives in Northern Virginia with his wonderfully supportive wife and two young
children, and keeps over 1000 gallons of saltwater aquariums loaded with reef fish including
over thirty angelfish, his personal favorite. In addition to publishing articles and speaking at
conferences and reef clubs, John has been featured in publications in Asia, Europe, and the
United States. These include the newly released book “The Coral Reef Aquarium” by Tony
Vargas, which profiles two of his systems, including a 10 gallon “kitchen nano” from ten years
ago. John is also one of just two people to have received the prestigious Reef Central Tank of
the Month for two systems (September ’04 and January ’11) where he is known by his username
and childhood nickname, Copps. In addition to his reefkeeping at home, John travels yearly with
work to Hawaii and Guam, where most free time is spent underwater either carrying a net to
collect his own fish or his underwater camera.

What he will be speaking on:

“Modern Fish Keeping in Reef Aquaria”

As many aspects of the marine aquarium hobby have evolved at the speed of light, others have
not. One of these most misunderstood and outdated branches involves fish keeping. Many people
have for years used the "Dump and Hope Approach" when it comes to adding fish to their reef
tanks, avoiding proper quarantine and transitioning methods that will help develop a stunning
and healthy display of fish in a reef system. One of my fish keeping principles has always
been "it's not WHAT you mix, but HOW you mix." In this talk I'll touch on many other aspects
I've learned in over 20 years of fish keeping, showing beautiful healthy systems throughout
including some interesting or rare reef fishes that would be good options for long term success
in home aquaria. The days of reef systems with just a few fish sprinkled throughout are over!!
"Modern Fish Keeping in Reef Aquaria" is of interest to anyone who keeps fish!

If anyone out there is going, who? Check these out:


<a href="http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2004-09/totm/index.php">[video=vimeo;13564370]http://vimeo.com/13564370[/video]

If that was not enough some other things:
2nd Annual Frag Lotto, that's right we are bringing it back.
Frags from copps himself, he will be bringing frags of some of those amazing SPS colonies you see in the pics and videos

There will be more added in here as we are working with some of our sponsors to make this event even better. Don't just mark your calender, block off the weekend in sharpies and highlighters (maybe stickers if that is how you roll).

Keep checking this thread as we will add more to it.

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wow!! this is going to be FUN!!!
wait... let me make sure this is not on April 1st.
ok... checked!! all good!!!


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Awesome! Can't wait for this!

That is a sick tank! What kind of Angel is the one in the still of the video? Not the Regal, the other one.


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Sounds like a really cool event. Just wish it was a bit closer to the south. :cry:

I'll try to make it but it might be too far for me.
What time does the meeting start? I unfortunately have to work that AM and trying to see if I can make it.


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You got it. Thank you for bumping this up. We will have some new and exciting information soon.


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This event is for the speaker, there are no booths setup for vendors to sell. Some vendors have contacted us around doing a sale around the even and having pickup there. We will be having a nice raffle and of course the second annual frag lotto.


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We need a head count for food, the price of that will be up shortly. If you are going to attend just chime in here with how many.
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